How we feel physically directly affects how we feel mentally and emotionally. At P3, we take a holistic approach to wellness and help our clients heal and strengthen their minds as well as their bodies. We understand that they work together to help us be our best selves, so we strive to implement that into everything we do.


You can’t work with no play! We believe that fun, rest, and relaxation are just as important as putting in a hard day’s work at the office or in the studio. This also applies to developing a personalized fitness plan. At P3, we incorporate balance into our client’s wellness plans by offering pilates, fitness, stretching, and personal training.


No one can reach their goals alone – we all need each other! At P3, we strive to create a supportive and positive community. From our amazing team of trainers to our clients and our families – we all work together to make sure everyone is reaching their goals. Making P3 a pillar in your fitness journey means you will never lack support, love, and fun!


There is only room for kindness Pure Power Pilates! We are all about maintaining a friendly environment so that our clients feel seen, supported and welcome when they walk through our doors.

Our Pilates Studio is equipped with state of the art STOTT PILATES® equipment; including 6 V2 Max™ Deluxe Reformers with Jumpboards and Towers, 6 Stability Chairs™, Toning Balls™, Foam Rollers™, Fitness Circles®, and Flex Bands®. In our fitness classes, we utilize the TRX® Suspension System, Stability Balls™, Kettle Bells™, dumbbells, and the BOSU® Balance Trainers.

We believe to obtain good health that is sustainable; your fitness routine should be diverse. So, our Pilates Studio has designed classes that will continuously challenge your body and keep you coming back for more.



Since we like to keep our classes around 6-10 people per instructor, there are limited amount of spots in each class. Please be sure to reserve your spot ahead of time by signing up online. Create a Mindbody account with us HERE to start reserving your classes online!


Don’t hesitate to get on the waitlist if a class is full! If you are on the waitlist & you’ve been added to the class, you will receive an email notification. If more than 3 people are on a waitlist, we try to open another class at that same time to accommodate as many as possible.


The no show charge is increasing from $15 to $20 if you are signed up for a class and do not attend or cancel. In addition to the $20 charge you will forfeit your class. It also applies if you cancel class within 30 minutes of class start time. We hope this will encourage clients to cancel in a timely manner as to allow space for clients on the waitlist to be able to attend. Below is a breakdown of the studio’s new cancellation policy moving forward.


  • 4 hours or more before class start time – no penalty, receive your class back in your package or membership.

  • 4 hours to 30 minutes before class start time – $10 fee and you forfeit your class.

  • 30 minutes before start time or no show $20 fee and you forfeit your class.

**If you need to cancel 4 hours prior to class, you can Early Cancel through Mindbody Online with no fee.


You may reserve one session per day. You may take additional sessions when space is available. At the completion of your primary session, you may place your name on a waiting list at the front desk for another session on that day.


If you’re running late, we allow a 5-minute grace period for arriving to class. This is to preserve the flow of the class as well as for your own safety. If you are running late, please call us and let us know. If we do not hear from you, your spot may be taken by someone on the waitlist.

Meet Our Team

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Lori Taranto
Studio Owner
STOTT Certified Trainer
NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Robby Jacobson
STOTT Certified Trainer


Corinne Maxfield
STOTT Certified Trainer