Video: Kind of Jealous of My Baby’s Gym


I joke that my 4-month-old works out more than I do. But in all seriousness, she does go to Stroller Strides, Baby Yoga, and gets her workout on at My Gym in Carlsbad each week.

My Gym

I discovered My Gym in Carlsbad (this is NOT a sponsored post!) by googling classes for babies near me. I found that the more classes we go to together, the less she fusses at home. In fact, that leads to longer stretches of naps and a very happy baby (and mom!).

The best part is, it’s just so darn cute! Seeing your baby explore and discover is awesome. At My Gym, there is a class for babies ages 6 weeks to 6 months. Not only is it bonding time for me and my baby, but she loves it! The classes start with a song, then baby stretches. From there we sing other interactive songs, do little dances and it’s off to swinging time, hanging out in the ball pit and tummy time with a giant mirror. It’s awesome to see the babies discovering themselves in the mirror and each other.

The classes also include a discussion for the parents or caregivers about topics like “what books are you finding helpful” or “what activities to do you like to with your baby” and a handout to take home with some resources and songs.

The class wraps up with a bubble machine, and that is probably the favorite part for all the babies. If you take your kid to this class, grab your phone and put the video on the slo-mo function and take a video of your baby and the bubbles. It’s so cool to watch and very social-media worthy!

The first class is free and a great way to try it out. I also like that they have diaper changing tables in their bathrooms, fully stocked with diapers of different sizes and wipes. You don’t have to lug your diaper bag in!

My Gym has quite a few locations, I suggest seeing which one is closest to you. They have classes for kids ages 6 weeks up to 13 years old and they do birthday parties. 

If you have children of other ages, click here for all of their programs. If you have a little one like me, come to the Thursday noon class at My Gym Carlsbad and I’ll see you there!

I’ll write another blog post soon about the other cool local classes I’ve found for mom and baby to do together. What are some of your favorites?


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