The San Diego Street You HAVE to See This Halloween


Ready for some Halloween fun in San Diego?

The homes in the Bressi Ranch neighborhood of Carlsbad have the most amazing and creative Halloween decorations. Take a trip to Peppertree Way to see the Pirates of the Caribbean ride come to life (or death, more accurately). It truly feels like Disneyland. 

A short walk down the way is Greenhaven which also has homes using skeletons to come up with the most epic scenes. You’ll find a 1950’s diner, blood bank, farmers market, Back to the Future and more. 

Plus the freakiest house ever — the clown house! This one is best at night. It’s a little drive from the Greenhaven and Peppertree streets but worth the short trip. You’ll find this fright at 6240 Alverton. 

Scroll through the pics below to see some of the decorations, but go in person too! It’s worth it! 

What is your favorite neighborhood for trick-or-treating?

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Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


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