Adaline Kacur

Adaline is a stay at home mom who's interests include parenting, shopping, acting, blogging, KETO cooking, running and being a wife. Not necessarily in that order and varying degrees of success.

Let’s Enjoy The Warm Weather and Get Running!

  Running has always been a part of my life, or so it seems. I started running with my mom when I was in 7th grade. I decided to join her in a 5k at...

The Need For Routine

Never has the phrase “Mom So Hard” become so evident. This is true whether you’re a SAHM, a WFHM, or a mom who previously worked at an office but is now working from home....

To The Lonely 40-Something-Year-Old Mom, You Are Enough.

I have now been a mom since 2009. That’s over 3,600 days. And from day one I was given a challenge. I had a child born with a unique medical condition. This caused my...

A Family Valentine

We have Christmas packed away, hopefully. New Years resolutions are in full swing, and our first Hallmark holiday is upon us. Can you say, "Hearts, candy, pink & red, oh my"?  I don't know about...