Alexandria Elliott

Alexandria Elliott
Hello world. My name is Alexandria Elliott. I am a mom to 5 kids, 4 boys and 1 Diva(4 born and 1 bonus), and I got a husband upgrade and his name is Shannon. Lol. We are a blended family with lots of love and laughs. I am a SAHM and a Scentsy Consultant. I am avid reader. Omg, my kindle goes everywhere with me. Most days, i remember to make sure my kindle is in my purse, and forget my wallet. Yep, i am that bad. Me and my husband will celebrate 4 years of marriage this August, and we still like each other. So that is something great. When i am kid free(3 hours a days, only took 10 years), i love to go on unplanned dates with hubby, meet up with a couple of girlfriends, i love to bake and cook. Me and Pinterest are really good friends right now. I deal with severe Endometriosis everyday, so i live life, like it is the last day.

{SPONSORED} A Ride Share Program Just for Kids? Kango App is #SDMBAPPROVED

I sent my kids on a ride share (YES, alone!) and guess what? We all LOVED it! As a mom of 4 who suffers from chronic pain on the daily, I jumped at the chance...
child holding breath, breath-holding spells

I Went On Strike

Y’all. I snapped. Well, all I could think of was the song from Chicago ‘They Had It Coming’... Let me explain. But first, do know that my husband is an amazing husband and father....

This Summer We Are Relaxing…

For the past couple of months, all you hear “OMG, Summer is coming, what do you have planned?” “Are you going on a trip?” “Doing something daily with them?” “Taking them on another cruise?”(our...

Our New Journey: A Child on the Spectrum

As a mom to 4, you dream that your kids will be perfect. Nothing will be wrong with them. Happy, healthy, good kids. That is what we want, as soon as you find out...

Meal Prep: How to Create a Menu to Feed Your Family

Happy New Year to you all. I can’t believe we are in a brand-new year! Which means New Beginnings, and New Blessings.  To know me is to know that I LOVE making a menu for...

What Are Your Family Holiday Traditions?

To think that I am writing this in November, just before Thanksgiving, Is crazy!! This year has flown by. Growing up, our family lived close to each other. So the holiday tradition for Thanksgiving/Christmas...

To Make Your Bed Or Not?

Growing up in our house: We had to make our bed before we left for school. Even on the weekends. It was part of the personal chores that each of us 3 kids was responsible...

To Love

As a little girl growing up, we all dream of our dream wedding. We have our Barbies marrying Ken. We memorize our own wedding vows. And as we get older, we go through relationships trying...

Finding Your Happiness at Work

As an adult, when do you know to give something up to be happy? It can be in the form of a job, a relationship or whatever is going on in your life. But...

Making Memories with Kids

Growing up, my family always traveled. And by family, I mean me, my mom, sister, brother, aunts, uncle, and cousins. We are a close family. I always said that when I had kids, we were growing...

Girlfriends, And Why We Need Them

Girlfriends . . . an important ingredient in the recipe of life.  I LOVE meeting new friends. You always need someone new in your life, whether it is a friend or partner. But having friends,...
family date night

Family Date Night :: Creating Family Memories

Traditionally, when you think of Date Night, you think of getting a babysitter, getting glammed up, and finding something that would look great on you. You and your partner finally decide where to go:...

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