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2024 San Diego School Guide

Selecting the right school for your children can be daunting, which is why we are thrilled to bring back our San Diego School Guide!  This guide has been broken up by school category and location....

Calling All Birch Aquarium Fans: Virtual After-School Series [SPONSORED]

Bring the wonder of the underwater world to your young learners during the stretch between school and dinnertime. Birch Aquarium’s weekly 6-part series is offered to students in grades K-8. Our engaging ocean educators...

COVID-19: Getting your Kid to Wear a Face Mask {SPONSORED}

Based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control to help stop the spread of COVID-19, wearing a face-covering in public is part of our daily routine. This also includes children two years and...

Keeping Music Education Alive! 3 Reasons to Enroll in Bach to Rock {SPONSORED}

Do you recall taking music lessons as a kid? The pieces were assigned by those strict instructors who came to our homes and made us practice scales until our fingers bled. They never let...
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A Life of Interdependence with Dimensions Collaborative School

Article written by: Terri Novacek, Executive Director for Element Education We have become a codependent society. We depend on others to provide care, education, and food for our families. While lower-income families rely on the...

Coronavirus: Tips for Protecting Your Family

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation, with the number of people infected changing daily.  Though thousands of cases of the newly identified 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) have been confirmed in China and...

{SPONSORED} Savings At Bat With Bat Club USA

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids shine on the baseball field. We witness confidence, pride, and personal accomplishment along with that unmistakable ear-to-ear grin in the cutest darn uniforms.  As a baseball mom,...

{SPONSORED} Caring For Your Child’s Cough

It’s the season for coughing…  from persistent, dry coughs to those coughs that sound like the sea lions barking at Sea World. Here’s what you need to know about children and coughs and, most...

{SPONSORED} Five Signs Your Teen May Need Evaluation for Depression

If you’re the parent of a teen, you may have already witnessed enough drama and extreme mood swings to rival an episode of “Real Housewives.”  But how do you know if what you’re seeing...
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{SPONSORED} Top 5 Reasons Why Birthing Centers are on the Rise

Today women have more options than ever to select where, or how, they will give birth. From hospitals to home births, or the in-between option of a birthing center, the information out there can...
medical services guide

{SPONSORED} Medical Services Guide

Maintaining good health doesn't happen by accident. It requires work, smart lifestyle choices, and the occasional checkup and test. But where do you find these providers, and who can you trust? With the nonstop...

The Super Dentists Launch First-Ever Dental Augmented Reality App {SPONSORED}

What’s the latest way The Super Dentists is making going to the dentist fun for kids?  Augmented Reality! The Super Dentists is the first dental office in San Diego, Southern California, and perhaps even...

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A Guide to San Diego Splash Pads

There's no denying it, most children love splash pads, and us mamas LOVE how easy they are - it's a win-win! You can leave...