Colleen Green

Colleen Green
Dr. Colleen Green is a just another mother-runner trying to keep her hair washed and all the balls in the air. She works as a college professor and as a global education consultant and when not spending time with her five year old daughter or Navy husband, traveling or doing all the things they can outdoors, she enjoys (sort of) running marathons and triathlons (for the medals), cycling, writing, binging on Netflix British detective shows, and relaxing at the end of a day with a good glass of wine and a book.
student eating hamantaschen

What is in your Hamantaschen?

Let's get this party started - whoo hoo! The Purim party, that is! Purim, the Jewish holiday that commemorates the strength and bravery of Queen Esther in saving the Jewish people from destruction at the...

Five Alternatives to the New Year’s Resolution

I think we are all ready to usher in a new year, am I right? I've never been a huge New Year's Resolution person, mostly because every time I made one, it never stuck....
white chicken chili in bread bowl

White Chicken Chili: Homemade and Delicious!

Once Fall hits, and the weather turns cool even by just a few degrees, I immediately head for this recipe. It's an easy, tasty, and even relatively healthy white chicken chili that our whole...

Four Kid-Friendly Ways to Prepare For Rosh Hashanah

We are an interfaith family and I am always trying to find ways to include our entire family in the various religious holidays throughout the year. This year for Rosh Hashanah, I wanted to...

Talking to Kids About Race

If you are, as a white parent like me, looking for resources to help you have conversations with your children about race, you are not alone. Below I offer what I hope can be...

The Mental Load for Moms During Covid-19

Covid-19 has meant more stress for moms. During this pandemic, moms are, more than ever, shouldering the burden of what is known as the mental load. Have you heard of it?   The mental load refers to...

Baking Memories

Valentine's Month is upon us. I was searching for ways to incorporate our daughter's new-found love of all things Food Network into our holiday recognition. I did not want to fall victim to the...

Easing Back Into the School Year

“I’m not ready for the world yet today, mama…” This is what our nearly six-year-old said to me this morning as she sleepily climbed from her space on the bed to where I was sitting,...

Avoiding the Summer Slide

It’s mid-July. If you are parents of a three to seven or eight-year-old, you’ve likely been to the zoo, the park, and the pool dozens of times since school has let out and you...
Summer Bucket List

Fun with Summer Bucket Lists

Summers can be a time for adventure, as well as recharging. It’s easy to “over schedule” during the school year but, truth be told, it’s just as easy to over-schedule during the summer.  One way our...

8 Reasons To Get Your Kids Involved In the Kitchen

One of my earliest memories is making cookies in the kitchen with my mom. And after that, it was making pies. Actually, one of my earlier memories, truthfully, would be throwing about a bunch of flour...

Mindful Parenting: Making Small Adjustments to See Big Changes in My Child

I had a moment a few weeks ago where I realized the precariousness of the season of parenting I was in—in This. Exact. Moment. With a five and a half-year-old daughter.  Suddenly (and I’m being...

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