Colleen Green

Dr. Colleen Green is a just another mother-runner trying to keep her hair washed and all the balls in the air. She works as a college professor and as a global education consultant and when not spending time with her five year old daughter or Navy husband, traveling or doing all the things they can outdoors, she enjoys (sort of) running marathons and triathlons (for the medals), cycling, writing, binging on Netflix British detective shows, and relaxing at the end of a day with a good glass of wine and a book.

New PPD Drug Isn’t Necessarily A Clear “Win” For Mothers

In the last few weeks, it's been all over the news. A new drug has been approved for the treatment of postpartum depression. Personally, as someone who has long been an advocate for mental health wellness...

Technology-Free Road Tripping

Some of my fondest memories as a child were the road trips with my family. Yes, I remember the fights and the “get your feet off of me” moments, but I also remember the...