Deanne (Goodman) Gustafson

Deanne (Goodman) Gustafson
Deanne is a San Diego local and mom to two little girls. Deanne is a journalist and specializes in videos and stories that make a positive impact. She and her husband launched and run Kombucha On Tap, a healthy beverage distribution company. Deanne is also a live streaming home shopping host for an online boutique. She loves traveling, trying out new restaurants, being in nature, and binge-watching shows.

The San Diego Street You HAVE to See This Halloween

Ready for some Halloween fun in San Diego this year? The homes in the Bressi Ranch neighborhood of Carlsbad have the most amazing and creative Halloween decorations. Take a trip to Peppertree Way to see...

Why I’m Taping My Baby’s Ears Back

Without a doubt, my baby girl is beautiful. She was born healthy, happy and adorable! She looked a whole lot like my husband did in his baby picture. His little mini. But she also...

Doubling Vitamin D Levels in 2 Weeks

I was asked if I wanted to review a new kit to test your vitamin D levels that also included the vitamins. As someone who was low in vitamin D during both my pregnancies,...

Enjoying Farm Animals with Simple Outings in San Diego

    COVID-19 has certainly changed how we live. As a mom of a 2.5-year-old and one-year-old, I've found our outings are quite simple lately. The beach, a neighbor's pool, a trail, the Zoo or Safari...

Coronavirus Fears Wiping Out Hand Sanitizer Stock? Here’s How to Make it at Home

The coronavirus has us all nervous, and it's hard to believe supplies like hand sanitizer are out of stock at many places. I learned that you can make it at home and it's really...

The World Would Be a Better Place if All Kids Did Yoga

A few years ago while walking the shoreline at Cardiff State Beach, I passed two young girls playing in the sand with rectangles drawn around them. I heard one girl say to the other,...
pregnant woman

7 Pieces of Wisdom for New and Expecting Moms

It was an honor to be the emcee for the San Diego Moms Blog’s Bloom event.  In my welcoming address to new and expecting moms, I shared seven pieces of "mom truths" wisdom I’ve...

Hey Momma – You Can Say NO to that Holiday Invite Without An Excuse

This time of year is hectic. It’s super fun, joyous and the best time of the year, as the song goes, but it’s also stressful and for many who may not have family nearby...

Easiest Halloween Dinner Your Family Will Love

Last year around this time I saw a video featuring skull pizzas and became obsessed with finding the skull pan, only to discover it was sold out everywhere and people were selling them for...

Mom Product Testing: Essential Oils and Natural Deodorant

H-oily Moly! There are a ton of essential oils on the market and a million more ways to use each and every one. As someone who uses them just to enhance or alter my...

Mom Hair and I Care!

Four months postpartum, my hair started falling out. There was hair all over my bathroom and my hair suddenly had a really odd texture. After wearing it in a bun for a couple of weeks,...

You Have Enough

Do you want to know the secret to having it all? I’ll fill you in on the secret, because I have it all, and you do too. Now you may be thinking, “no, I...

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