Hello San Diego Mamas! My name is Elisabeth and I just recently became a mama in November of 2015! My little man came into this world with a bang and boy is he a LIFE CHANGER! Since then I have resigned from my full-time gig as a Marketing Coordinator, to stay home with my little guy and hustle my freelance skills. Before Bubby was born, you could find me at a local art show, hiking, painting, walking at a charity event or at a baseball game with my hubby. These days I am just trying to figure out how to continue to live my passions, while being the best mommy I can be.
We Don't Say "I Love You"

We Don’t Say “I Love You”

When you've been married for 4 years, together for 8, romance is naturally not that same as it once was when we were falling in love. To me, falling in love and being in...
Solar Eclipse, San Diego

Solar Eclipse: Everything You Need to Know

Solar eclipse info for San Diego plus DOUGHNUTS! Who is going to be at the Fleet's Solar Eclipse Event?
dressing room

Don’t Look Back: A Mom’s Dressing Room Confessions

Dear dressing room mirrors at the store with the big red bullseye, and the store that rhymes with Shmacy's and the good ol' navy....see what I did there?  Okay...listen up! >>>>> YOU WOULD SELL A LOT...

Confirmed: April the Giraffe Is NOT Pregnant!

Oooh girl, I feel for you April! I too have been falsely accused of being pregnant when in fact I was just four months postpartum and one burrito deep! But I am just me,...

Dear LulaRoe: One Mom Says What We’re All Thinking

Dear LulaRoe, I am a busy mom. I don’t have time to shop. And yeah, online shopping can be done occasionally, but even that turns into a disaster most days. I really like what I...
DIY Valentine

Super EASY, Super Cute Valentine DIY Heart Treat Bag

  When it comes to holidays I like to give the gifts I give a personal touch. There is just something about handmade gifts that makes people feel warm and fuzzy. Valentine's Day is no...
breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Is Real and It Works

It's October - you see it everywhere. PINK. Pink Hostess products, pink cleats on the football field, even pink wrapping on your toilet paper. You might think it's overwhelming or unnecessary but I'm here...
Jazzercise for Life on the Midway

Jazzercise :: The Class that Saved My Sanity

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Jazzercise, but as always, all thoughts shared are our own.   You guys! I did it! I joined Jazzercise. I know what you're thinking - "Isn't that for old ladies?!" Yeah, I...

Brave Mom in this Crazy World: Turning Anxieties into Strengths

I am a very fearful person by nature. I don’t trust anyone and I get separation anxiety when I am away from my husband. I fear that something bad will happen to one of...

My Favorite Breastfeeding In Public Assistant – The Cardimom

I wear yoga pants most days. I even bought a pair of Lulu Lemons to join my fellow moms in the “active wear” is life movement. I’ll say, most days I am totally cool with...

Safely Social: Keeping Your Family Safe on Social Media

Before I had my son I swore I wouldn’t post a ton of photos of him on my social accounts. I personally didn’t think anyone outside of my family circle would care, and I...
Love yourself

Flipping the Bird to “Bouncing Back.” Embracing my Body

I tried hard to worship my baby bump body, and for the most part I did. For a girl who has struggled for years with poor body image, I applaud myself for embracing pregnancy and...