Elisa Ritter

Elisa is a city girl who moved to Ramona with her husband Eddie and their three children. The Teen, the Boy and little V. She is a stay at home mom who home schools her son, teaches Sunday school, loves to crochet, sew and craft-nights. She also has a passion for gardening, enjoys wine tastings and having date nights out. When she isn't running her kids from singing lessons to soccer, she likes to attend church marriage group with her husband, meeting friends for happy hour, working out, and having coffee, lots and lots of coffee. Since moving to the suburbs of San Diego a few years ago she has learned that country living isn't so bad after all.

Feed your Family this Year- Start your Own Garden!

Four years ago after we moved to Ramona, I told my husband that I wanted to plant fruit trees in our yard and to start a garden. Being the supportive person he is, he...

One City Girl’s Experience :: Living the Country Life

I'm a city girl! I've lived in San Diego since the age of 5, and have been centrally located most of my life. I went to San Diego High School right in the heart...

Thanksgiving: A Family Tradition

When my family immigrated to this country we didn't have the slightest idea what Thanksgiving was. In the past my parents might of heard of "El dia del pavo", but had never celebrated it. Coming...

A Tale of a Cocktail…or Two or Three.

A few weeks ago, as I sat on the living room floor trying to make sense of 3 weeks worth of homeschooling work, I got a Facebook notice from our San Diego Moms Blog page...

Surviving the TEEN Years : a Mother’s Plea for Help

My name is Elisa and I am a mom of a TEEN girl. GASP! I know, I know, I tried avoiding it as much as I could but she became a teen anyways. Gone are...

Taking the Plunge into Homeschool

When the hubby and I started discussing an alternative school for our son, who was five at the time, we didn't bother to think of homeschool. We knew that traditional school was not working...

Surviving Loss, And Why I’m No Longer Angry With God

After Oscar and I became parents, (while still attending SDSU) our evenings started to revolve more around videotaping our daughter, Isabella learning how to roll over, and less about partying. We had been best friends...

I Want to be THAT Mom: Notes on Mom Goals

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. However, I don't remember ever putting any thought into the type of mom I wanted to be. Would I be like my mother? (Oh! goodness gracious.)   Would...
Happy Mother's Day Image

What moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day

What moms really want on Mother’s Day As Mother’s Day approaches, dads will rush to the stores and buy moms their favorite flowers, a potted plant, or maybe a necklace with that ever so subtle...