Felicia is our resident "nerd" mom who passionate about performing arts and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community.  Felicia's interests include crafting, cosplay, and adventures with her family. Felicia is a San Diego native with one child and a degree in Behavioral Science.

Can “Online” Tutoring Really Work? {Sponsored Post}

Can "online" math tutoring really work??? If you want the quick, Honest answer, then, YES! Not unlike many other parents out there, my husband and I were at our wits end! We felt like we were banging...

Why My Christmas Tree Will Never Be A “Martha Stewart” Tree

Why my Christmas tree will never be a "Martha Stewart" tree, BUT always be a loving hodgepodge of randomness. Tradition.  Christmas tree ornament traditions.   Honestly, growing up I never had this sentimental Christmas item thought, but when entering a...

A Few Fall Crafts for the Littles in your Life

We all know the fun of a Turkey Hand-print, but I want to give you a couple more ideas to get in the Thanksgiving spirit and keep those little hands happily occupied. Never doubt...

Family Friendly Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead is becoming more and more prominent. The Mexican tradition is even said to be the "Newest Holiday in the U.S.A." ...Did you know it can also...

Who Rescued Who?? A Fuzzy Tail of Doggie Adoption

A little thing about me, I have ALWAYS been an animal lover! I've fostered and adopted countless numbers of little pet companions. In fact my first furry kid was literally a from the street rescue. But,...

Remembering September 11th, My Story

September 11th, 2001   I am doing my best to sleep in, when I am awakened by my younger sister and a phone. I’m in an unfamiliar place, my mom just moved into her first apartment along with...

One Mom’s Feelings: No, I am NOT Happy School is About to Start.

As summer is coming to a close, all the camps are wrapping up, and all our stores have busted out their best "Back to School" sales, my feelings start to turn to sadness. Though I...

An Ode To Our Public Libraries

*Not "ode" as in poem, but "ODE" as in, Online Display of Emotion for our libraries. Thank You, San Diego County Libraries! Where would we be without you, San Diego County Libraries (SDCL)? Maybe HOT, roasting at...

Best. Accidental. Staycation. Ever.

First off, if you are reading this title and thinking; A) "Accidental," just a gimmick to trick me into reading this. Or B) How the heck does one have an "accidental vacation"?? Well let me tell you, totally...

San Diego Comic Con For The Badge-less Family

Feeling a little left out after not scoring those coveted Comic Con Badges? I used to think not scoring a Badge to the Biggest Nerd Gathering in town, meant a week of avoiding social...

The Right Way To DIY Tin Can Lanterns

  It's almost the season of backyard bbqs, bonfires, and fireworks, so I thought it would be a perfect time to share! This little diy tin can lantern project was done for just that occasion! And...

Sometimes you just need a snail….

    Let me share with you the hilarity that is being a mother and the joys of Facebook in it’s finer of hours. The day starts like most, free time, randomly scrolling down my Facebook feed...

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Shark Summer is coming to Birch Aquarium!

Sharks are taking the spotlight at Birch Aquarium with various activities for all ages! Throughout July, you can enjoy shark feedings, kelp forest dives,...