Inga Brydson

Inga Brydson
Inga Brydson is a Brit who came to San Diego and never went home! She relocated with her family in 2013 and lives in North County. She is the sole female in a house of boys, being a mom of two teen boys and a highly individual rescue pup. She has worked in marketing all her career and after a painful two year hiatus, 2020 actually delivered her something positive - Director of Marketing role for a professional services company based here in San Diego and in Scotland, UK. Her true love is anything social - family, friends, dogs and ideally involving food. She is a passionate scratch cook and her favorite thing in the world is home entertaining with all the special people in her life.
Valentine's Day

For The Love Of All – USA vs. UK Valentine’s Day

Moving to the USA presents many fascinating contrasts between the England I am leaving behind for the California that is becoming my home. New experiences open my eyes. At times, they challenge my senses....