Jennifer Bennett

Jennifer Bennett
Jennifer is a full-time working wife and mom to three kids, ages 11, 9 and 2. They love living in the La Mesa area where her two oldest kids are heavily involved in sports and activities. When not schlepping to practices and games, she works hard on her life-work balance while finding ways to make time for her personal passions: being San Diego Events Chairperson for the non-profit organization Unravel Pediatric Cancer and maintaining her tight group of "mom friends".

We Are Family: Get the Whole Gang in on These Creative Group Costumes!

It’s almost Halloween, no doubt one of your kid’s favorite holidays!  And who can blame them?  I remember loving it as a kid!  It’s spooky, I mean, who doesn’t love the adrenaline rush and...

Chasing the Holiday Spirit: Tricks for Those of Us Who Just Aren’t Feeling It…YET!

The department stores are already doing it.  The radio stations are already doing it. Heck, even your neighbor is already doing it! In fact they started weeks ago, decorating, singing, shopping—FEELING that Holiday Spirit....

Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month Part 4: Don’t Just Be Sorry, Be Active

As Pediatric Awareness Month comes to a close, I hope you’ve learned a bit and that something you’ve read might have touched you along the way. Unravel Pediatric Cancer has a slogan for that:...

Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month Part 3: Libby & Wendy: 2 Stories of DIPG

In this very special addition to our series for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, I get to introduce you to two truly amazing women and their equally incredible daughters. They are “Warrior Mamas” in every...
Best Mom

Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month Part 2: How Finding Your Passion Makes You A Better...

Along with all of the hard emotions that come along with being so deeply immersed in the world of pediatric cancer, I’ve discovered something pretty amazing. Feeling so deeply about something and taking time...

Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month Part 1: Unravel Pediatric Cancer

"Going Gold” in September for pediatric cancer may not be something you are familiar with. You may have seen it in your social media feed and you may have scrolled right past it. I did...
Age of Moms

The Age of Moms: An Unintentional Cultural Shift

Moms of the 21st century have been slowly evolving.  We have come a long, LONG way from our moms of the century before us.  The societal mindset to do things so completely different from...
Busy Mom

Yes, I am “SO BUSY”… and I kinda prefer it that way

I can’t remember exactly when it happened, becoming “so busy.” A part of me feels like it’s always been this way, but I’m pretty sure it has not been. I love the feeling of...
middle child

I’m Trying Not to Raise a “Middle Child”

We all know one.  That friend-of-a-friend, or weird Uncle Josh, or your sister.  Well-enough-adjusted adults, successful careers, tons of fun at parties.  But something is awkward, you can’t put your finger on until it all clicks –...

The Mom Bond You Never Knew You Had

Dedicated to D, H, L and E  I have a lot of friends. 394 Facebook friends to be exact. Ok that’s really not that many. Some of you have fewer, and some of you have...

Top 10 Things about The Big “O” that you NEED to Know

When I first thought of the idea for this piece, I had no idea that the governing committee of The Winter Games – I’ll just refer to them as “The Big O” - takes...

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