Karina is a mama and a relationship coach for moms. She is a life-long learner, former Peace Corps volunteer, and a recovering med school student. She moved to San Diego from Seattle in summer of 2018 and continues to be perplexed why she hasn't moved here 23 years before. In her 'spare' time she likes to deconstruct human-made concept of time, soak up the sun & warm ocean, and take long road trips with her family. Currently, Karina is on her green growing edge of social media, so feel free to follow her on Instagram @infinitelifemastery because building a community of like-minded mamas is part of her vision in life.

{SPONSORED} New La Jolla Music Society Family Concerts are #SDMBApproved

This past weekend my daughter and I, along with our family friend and her daughter, attended the Jazzy Ash & The Leaping Lizards concert with La Jolla Music Society. All four of us walked...

Three-Item Guaranteed Happy Summer Checklist

We’ve all been there. Looking forward to the summer after a very long school year, just to end up with, ultimately, a repeat of the school year with a few extra trips. Oh, and...

Why Is the First Step So Hard, and What To Do About It

In my last article about raising happy children, I gave a formula that looked so simple, so why hasn’t everyone been using it? The truth is that the very first step is the most difficult...

Finally, A Formula For Raising Happy Children!

How can I raise a happy child? This seems to be the underlying anxiety and desire of nearly every parent: to raise happy children. In the current race of childhood, we forget that who we’re...

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A Noon Year to Remember! {2022 Recap}

A HUGE thank you to our videographer Oscar Degarza!! He is absolutely incredible isn't he? Check out his Instagram and be sure to hire...