I'm a native San Diegan who loves crafts, reading, great movies, and the beach. Most importantly I love my sweet children. I hope you follow me on this blog as I share the hidden gems we've found in San Diego and as I share my experiences in motherhood.

What Grief has Taught me :: Seeing a New Perspective

Let's talk about something unpleasant for a moment. Grief. We will at one time or another face grief as we lose a loved one. How we deal with that grief as mothers is something...

A Journal for my Children

Last month I wrote about keeping our children's artwork. It's so hard to pick what to keep, but that's why we have to let them give input. Their artwork, after all, is a gift to us. They...

Searching for Hope After a Tragedy

  I went to bed at around 8 pm on Sunday. It was a long day and I was spent. A little later my husband came into our bedroom and said there had been a...

Keeping your Child’s Artwork :: Without the Clutter

Is your artist's masterpieces cluttering up the whole house? Here's how to do some damage control without forgetting about your child's artwork!
holiday shopping

Skip the Holiday Headache with a Head Start :: Start Holiday Shopping NOW!

It's that time of the year again! I'm not talking about back to school shopping. I'm talking about holiday shopping!  Wait...holidays? Isn't it still summer? Shouldn't we be soaking up that last bit of sun...
social media

Social Media Pictures are Bringing out our Bad Side

  "Her social media pictures are so staged!"  I actually heard those words recently. They weren't directed at me but they hit a nerve. How often have you seen pictures on Facebook or Instagram and thought 'yeah...

Finding the BEST Workout for You :: Your Unicorn Workout

The unicorn workout. Have you heard of it? I first heard this term when discussing workouts with San Diego Moms Blog boss Jenna, and it's stuck with me since. It's what you call the...

Interview with a Homeschooling Mom

Teacher appreciation day is coming up and that means one thing: time to hit Pinterest! So off I went to look for cute ways to say thank you. As I looked around the same...

Teaching our Children About Law Enforcement

Children hear everything right? They pick up even the smallest things we say. We shape how they see the world and how they see and treat others. So it goes that the way we introduce...

A Few Things to Consider Before Choosing to Cloth Diaper

There was once a time when the mention of a cloth diaper would be thought of as a joke. Cloth diapers are what some of our mothers used for us, so why would we...

Easter Basket Filler Ideas – That Aren’t Sweets!

Easter is coming up and that means egg hunts and Easter baskets. Easter baskets have seen a major upgrade since the old days when they were flimsy, pastel and packed with plastic grass. Walk through...

Grab a Book and Celebrate National Reading Month!

Did you know that there's a national day and month for just about everything? There's national pizza day (February 9) and national salad month (May). But do you know what March is (amongst other celebrations)? It's...

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Shark Summer is coming to Birch Aquarium!

Sharks are taking the spotlight at Birch Aquarium with various activities for all ages! Throughout July, you can enjoy shark feedings, kelp forest dives,...