Katie Moore


Becoming A Virtual Assistant: How I Became a Work-At-Home Mom

When I left my job right before having my son, I wasn’t exactly sure what my next move was supposed to be. My husband and I were in a fortunate position that allowed me...

I’m Not Perfect, and That’s Perfectly Fine!

If you’re looking for the perfect tips on how to be the best mom, there isn’t one.  I’ve looked.  I’ve read numerous blogs and follow countless groups to try and find that key phrase or...

Stay At Home Mom, and Working

Oh man, where do I even begin?  First off, let me tip a big hat to all the mamas out there who went back to work right after their maternity leave. Maybe you didn’t have...

Should You be Worried About the Hep-A Outbreak?

Hepatitis A, yeesh.  If you live in San Diego then you should be more than aware of the buzz that this outbreak has been getting lately and how it’s affecting our communities. Let me first be...

I Am Alive. But, Am I Living?

There’s nothing simple about attending a funeral. This past month has proven that for my family as we experienced quite a few deaths. Some passing more painfully than others. One funeral especially hit close...

DIY Baby Wipes: A Sorta Semi-Crunchy Mama’s Recipe

I'm what you'd call a "sorta" semi-crunchy mama. I mean I'm only semi-crunchy, like, one-fourth of the time. My tot wears cloth diapers but usually only at home because I had one recent poo-fiasco...

Out and About: Adventuring in Anza Borrego State Park, CA

  Whew - Spring is finally here, everyone! I can't tell you how much Spring always seems to motivate me to clean, get organized and venture out more! This past weekend my little family joined...

You’re Growing Too Fast: A Little Note of Love to My Son

To My Son. My Little Man, my “Peanut”. Today marks a year and half that you’ve spent on this earth.  That’s over 485 days that we’ve spent together. Over 11,000 hours of getting to know one another. When...

Ditch Your Bad Cravings: Join SDMB’s Whole30 Challenge!

  How many times have you left the table feeling full? Not the feeling of satisfaction and energy from the right combination and amount of body fuel, but the painful overeating kind? The kind that...

Happy Black Friday From San Diego Moms Blog!

  Happy Black Friday From San Diego Moms Blog! Black Friday. Oh, man. Those two words get me excited and scared all at the same time.  It’s the one day that gets everyone hyped up for...

SDMB Whole30 Challenge Coming Soon: Let’s Make 2017 A Healthy One!

The holidays are fast approaching!  I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already here, and soon Christmas!  With my wee one just celebrating his first birthday, I’m so excited to be able to get a bit...

National Fossil Day!: San Diego’s Most Unique/Popular Spots for Discovering Our Past

Mammoths, Dinos, and Shells - Oh My!    Happy National Fossil Day!  Oh, wait, did we miss it?!  Oh, the shame! It’s OK. Not a lot of people had this on their radar, (October 12th, 2016) and...