Lori C.

Lori C.
Long-time North San Diego County resident, wife, mother of two adult children. Retired stay-at-home mom. Active volunteer in the local community as well as working towards a better food system and a less toxic environment. Founding Contributing Blogger and Contributing Writers Coordinator at San Diego Moms Blog. Enjoying all the good things that life has to offer and sharing My Socal'd Life on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/californialo/
same-day grocery delivery

Same-day Grocery Delivery Options in San Diego for Busy Parents

For when you're home with no car or sick kids, or just home hiding from the world, same-day grocery delivery in San Diego County is HERE!!!!! We have a couple of options for grocery delivery,...

Craft Beer for the Gluten Free Crowd in San Diego County

A few years back, brewery hopping and tasting craft beer had become me and my husband's favorite weekend activity together. ‘Gluten free’ was not even a 'thing' yet. Then, I quit beer. I had to...
Christmas Tree Big Reveal

How to Make a Holiday Tree Craft to Light up the Season

Making a Holiday Tree Craft was one of the things my mom friends and I did on a getaway weekend recently. We meet monthly to craft together, alternating among us who will host the...

Eat Clean Meal Prep {SPONSORED}

"So thrilled to have fresh whole-food meals in my fridge for the coming busy week." - Lori C., San Diego Moms Blog Contributor Eat Clean Meal Prep Healthy Meals Delivered to your Door.  Clean eating can feel...

Halloween Candy: What’s a Parent to Do? (TOP TEN LIST)

So much Halloween Candy!!!! What's a health-conscious mom to do? Or an allergy mom? Or just a parent who does not want their kid amped up on all that sugar or down with a...

My Marriage Survived 20 Years, But Will It Survive Retirement?

Today is an exciting day at my house... I think. It's retirement day!!! My husband is retiring after nearly 40 years in the workforce. And, while we survived 25 years of marriage and all the...
College Kindergarten

I’ll Admit it… I Didn’t Cry when I Sent My Kids Off to the...

I remember quite clearly when I sent my kids off to their first day of kindergarten... The clothes my daughter so carefully selected for her first day.  The clothes my son so randomly threw on. The...
self care

Hey There Lazy Mom, Tired Mom, Over-It Mom… I’m with You

I am a Lazy Mom and I'm proud of it!  Over time, I have mastered the ‘Art of Lazy,' and in this post I will share with you a couple of strategies that can...
childhood bucket list

Childhood Bucket List: Giving the Gifts of WONDER and AWE

Do you have a childhood bucket list for your kids?  These are things to include in your child's bucket of childhood experiences before they move into adulthood. They are the experiences that will give your...
Child Optimum Health

A Mother’s Manifesto: Fight For Your Child’s Optimum Health

I have been feeling for some time that we need a Mother's Manifesto to unite us because something somewhere has gone terribly wrong. Our children are sick. I am old enough to know that...

Hair Dye For Your Graying Hair? Whatever Your Choice… Rock It!!!!

The decision to stop using hair dye on one’s graying hair consists of many factors - or maybe just one. Some might not want the expense, some might cite vanity as the reason, some...
real food family dinner steak and onions brussels sprouts

Real Food Family Dinner: Steak, Onions and ‘Crack’ Brussels Sprouts

Was getting more real food into your family dinner a New Year's resolution? I know you are busy. I know you have littles. But, I also know that there are many families who have made...

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Sharks are taking the spotlight at Birch Aquarium with various activities for all ages! Throughout July, you can enjoy shark feedings, kelp forest dives,...