Susy is a Catholic mom blogger and musician out to spread her personal witness to beauty on this life journey

Respect for Parents

Yes, it's one of the commandments. We likely heard it all the time growing up: Respect your parents. Respect can be a fickle thing though, can't it? Some experts say that if we respect our...

What’s SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) for Summer

With things opening and closing at different stages, it was a challenge to find fun summer activities with my kids; ages 10 and 12. Until I discovered the magic of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP). With all our...

Pandemic Journaling

I've always loved writing. I wanted to be a writer before I ever wanted to be anything else. But, as is often the case, dreams shift and change. I have yet to become the...

Quarantine and The Proverbial Desert

The timing of our imposed quarantine here in San Diego could not have been more interesting, from the Christian perspective. A little less than halfway through Lent, a time in the Catholic liturgical year where...

Lessons from My Childhood Disney Movies

I know, I know. There have been many critiques over the years with regard to the modern woman’s “princess complex;” often attributed to the princess movies of the past. I grew up on the Little...

The Charity Talk

A few weeks ago my son asked me if I could donate money for something at school . . .  By the way, anyone feel like you get this question at least once a month...

The Great Yoga Leggings Debate

I remember when I first began to wear yoga leggings. It was around 2004 when I started Bikram Yoga, and one of the teachers there sold a line of yoga clothing. Those were my first...

San Diego Mom Spotlight: The Path of Motherhood with Karina

I first met Karina a few years ago. Our paths crossed through a common friend, and right away, something struck me about her. Perhaps it was that “she says what she means & means what...

Grateful for the Impending Mayhem!

Yes, it’s that time of year. Again. Our favorite season to love and criticize. It starts with Thanksgiving. The joy, but also the annoyances. The delicious food. And with that, the impending weight gain. And...

San Diego Mom Spotlight: Coffee and Sweets with Amy

As a writer, you often learn that you are not the only one who has a story to tell. Therefore, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog post towards sharing a story about an everyday San...

Fashionista Mama on a Budget: My Sister’s Closet

If you haven't noticed already, I love fashion. Of course, my wallet might not always agree with my taste... And although I will shop retail, there are some things too good to pass up. One...

Dreams For Greatness Beyond Motherhood?

Lately, I had begun to wonder if there is something else I should do. See, I'm a stay at home mom, and I don't necessarily do much else other than write blog posts and...

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