Miriam DiBiase

Mim is a former rockstar and current writer, mom, and wife living in San Diego, CA. When she’s not reading, homeschooling, or vacuuming, Mim takes her kids on adventures and writes quirky fiction.

Balancing Art and Motherhood at the Makers Arcade Holiday Fair

Artist moms share their history, inspiration, and thoughts on balancing art and motherhood. San Diego's annual Makers Arcade Holiday Fair features more than 100 local artists and craftspeople, as well as food and drink, interactive...
mom snuggles early riser

12 Screen-free Activities for Your Little Early Riser

Try these snuggly, self-directed, and movement activities for a screen-free early morning Your little early riser is up at the first hint of sunrise, and you’d rather not turn on the TV today. Maybe you’re...
trolleys easily accommodate strollers

Riding Public Transit with Kids Is Easy as 1-2-3

October 6th is Clean Air Day in California! Take the Clean Air Pledge and commit to using public transit more often. All kids love to see the trolley or bus go by. But have you...