sesame street

Sesame Street Party Parade at SeaWorld (Sponsored Post)

Are you ready for an all new Summer event at SeaWorld in San Diego?? Thanks to The Moms, we got a sneak peek at the new Sesame Street Party Parade last weekend as it launches...
dance camps

Dance and Gymnastics Camps

The benefits of enrolling your child in a dance or gymnastics class are increased balance and grace, core strength, body control, rhythm, discipline, conditioning (athletic training), and increased athletic skills. (just to name a...
traditional camps

Traditional Camps

What do you see when you picture the "traditional" kids summer camp? A setting in sunny woods perhaps, with hiking, canoeing, and s'mores around campfires? The fact is that the definition of a traditional summer camp...

Outdoors and Animal Camps

After months spent inside the classroom, are your children yearning for a breath of fresh air? Here is a roundup of some of the top summer camps right here in San Diego. They can...

Art and Museums Camps

Whether you are raising an artist, a mathematician or an athlete, an arts-based camp may be just what your child needs to balance out, or further enrich, his or her developing brain.  Included in our SDMB...

Technology Camps

When school is out, camp is in! Keep your child's mind active and engaged during school breaks this spring and summer and check out some of the technology-based camps available and enrolling now.  Included in...

Sports Camps

When school's out, camp's in! Keep your child active and engaged during school breaks in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. Sports camps provide fun ways for kids to strengthen their bodies and minds...
Womens Health Guide

Women’s Health Guide

Women experience unique healthcare challenges throughout life due to age, reproduction, stress, environment, and much more.  Not only are women living longer, they can also enjoy better quality of life into old age. This...
pediatrician guide

Pediatrician Guide (By Region)

Why is finding the right pediatrician for your kids important?  While pediatricians commonly treat children that are already sick, one of the most important duties of a pediatric care is to educate and guide...

Pediatric Dentistry Guide (By Region)

Why are dental checkups for kids important? Because as soon as your kid has teeth, they can get cavities. That’s why regular checkups in early childhood—in addition to good dental hygiene habits taught at home—help ensure that...

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