Nicolette Liebermann

I am a full time working mama continually striving for that work/home life balance. I am a mother to one imaginative, playful, horse-loving early elementary-aged girl. In my alone moments, I find a quiet space to read, squeeze in some yoga, or let my creativity flow on paper. With my family, I love to travel to new places, indulge in culinary magic, play outdoors, and plan our next adventure.

We Love Going to Ultrastar Cinemas Mission Valley—Hazard Center. Here’s Why You Should Too!

I first stepped into the current Ultrastar Cinemas Mission Valley-Hazard Center location back when it was a Mann Theatre. Back then, the theatre was a bit more on the sleepy side and its seating...
Toy Donations

Exercises of Gratitude: Three Easy Ways to Practice Gratitude with Your Child

As we approach the holiday season, it's a great time for teaching our children exercises in gratitude. Understanding what it means to be grateful can be a difficult notion for a young child to...

My 10-Minute Home Spa

I am sure that I am far from the only mama out there who loves spa time, self-care, and pampering. Navigating school schedules, extracurricular activities, and a daily work commute often leaves us mamas...
la mesa

Best of San Diego: La Mesa

La Mesa had its beginnings as a citrus and cattle farming community at the turn of the 20th century. Over the years, La Mesa has maintained its small town feel at a population of...

San Diego Hidden Gem: 4 Great Reasons to Visit Del’s Hideout

My daughter and I recently met up with friends at Del's Hideout in San Diego for Saturday lunch. This Del Cerro spot was opened in March 2019 by Cohn Restaurant Group. It's a great...

Best of San Diego: Lemon Grove

Situated just 9 miles east of downtown San Diego, this city of 25,000 affords its residents the proximity to San Diego's best places while providing a smaller town atmosphere. Lemon Grove is a young city,...

Bonding With My Child: How Making Stone Soup Brings Us Together

I am always looking for good books to bond over with my child. Having recently gone to a used book sale at the local library, I stumbled upon an old childhood favorite of mine...

Mastering the Art of Our Preschooler’s Bedtime Routine

Getting My 4-Year-Old on the Sleep Train: Bedtime Strategies that Work for Us The transition from play time to bedtime is not an easy one, as many parents can attest to. I have endured several...

4 Podcasts to Inspire a Working Mama’s Daily Commute

If you live and work in San Diego area, you are probably no stranger to the traffic that is ever-increasing. My 5-day-a-week commute leaves me with more time behind the wheel than I care...

My Daughter the Ladybug Keeper

It began with a Facebook post. I was casually scrolling through my News Feed during my evening screen time. My daughter peered over my shoulder at the images my friend had shared of her 3...

5 Reasons to Giddy-up to Pony Land This Weekend

My daughter is a currently a fan of all things horses. It began as an innocent fascination with Lucky and the gang as she binge-watched the Netflix series Spirit last summer, and blossomed into...

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