Rachel D.

Rachel is a lover of simple living, DIY projects, avocado toast, second hand stores and slowing down to enjoy life a bit more. After 7 years in the hospitality industry planning events and coordinating international travel she left work to be at home when her son, Sam, was born in 2016. She shares practical ways to simplify home and life on her blog HalcyonHomeMade.com

Returning to Work: Early Retirement from being a SAHM

My stint as a stay at home mom has lasted 18 months so far, and soon it will be ending. My husband and I were looking at our finances and the forecast was revealing...

Mom Goals: The Extremely Slow Burn

Before I had my son I was a pretty balanced dreamer/realist, always working towards some type of goal whether it be related to work, fitness, personal finances, pursuing a creative project or a memorable...

DIY Kid’s Room Wall Art :: Pom Pom Wall Hanging

Read now for the cutest and easiest DIY for your kids room!
mom hacks

Mom Hacks : Kitchen, Laundry and Kid’s Room Edition

Raise your hand if you love mom hacks! Below, our writer Rachel put together some of the San Diego Moms Blog teams top hacks. Check them out and let us know some of your money/time saving mom hacks in the comments below.

Repurpose and Upcycle : Baby Item Edition

There are so many items that go to waste in a baby’s first year of life. Think about all the diapers, wipes and food pouches that get tossed out every single day. Then there...
plastic free july

Non-Intimidating Ways to Participate in Plastic Free July

Our food is packaged in it, most kids toys are made of it, it’s the knobs on our car dashboard and what we brush toothpaste on our teeth with. Plastic is a convenience material designed...

5 Minute Nutritious Meals for the Mom Who Doesn’t Like Cooking

I've never been much of a cook and I find trying to prepare a meal with a young child standing between my legs to be almost as fun as breastfeeding a teething baby. I've become somewhat of...

Thoughts on a Social Media Break

Like. Love. Eye Roll. Laugh. Mindless scrolling while nursing, riding in the car, in the waiting room, while my baby naps and any other occasion where a moment of boredom could be filled, I...

My New Mom Identity Crisis :: And How I Got Through It

Last year I became a mom, and before my son was born I cozied up to my mom friends, and we talked about all the typical mom stuff – birth, recovery, post baby body...

An Effortless DIY Macramé Wall Hanging

A few weeks ago I worked up the courage to try out macramé and much to my surprise, it was pretty easy and quick. So, if you invite me to your birthday party, you’ll...

10 Ways to Simplify Your Home in 2017

Ready or not, a new year is here.  I love fresh beginnings and find myself in need of them often.  I also find if my home is in disarray then other areas of life...

Making Christmas Memorable with Experiential Gifts

This year we'll be celebrating our baby's first Christmas and I want it to be special but at the same time I don't want to put a lot of effort into something he won't...