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Healthy Lunch Prep

{GUEST POST} Healthy Lunch Ideas for Students

Now that some of our children are getting back to school, parents know: a student who eats a healthy lunch will probably perform better than one who doesn't. Let’s dive in! Studying can be quite...

3 Tips on Marriage Bliss (For Frustrated Wives)

I want to say, first of all, that I am writing this post from a place of experience—not judgement. I've been there, ladies. I've been frustrated, overworked, overwhelmed, and angry. I have felt like...
ar workshop

{SPONSORED} AR Workshop – DIY for the Entire Family!

Ready to DIY? Well, let's just say I wasn’t when I entered AR Workshop San Diego for the first time a few weeks back. I went to make a DIY Father’s Day gift, and I...

4th of July 2019: Independence Day in San Diego

The 4th of July lands on a Thursday this year, which means—for most—a built-in four day weekend with your family! We have put together a list of some of the top spots in San...
okayest moms blog

San Diego Sights: What to See and Do With a Toddler + Preschooler

For the better part of last year, my daughter had her mind set on flying on an airplane. When I asked where we would go, she matter of factly answered, "The beach!" Maybe it...

I AM a Jealous Ex-Wife!

I am going to admit, I am totally a jealous ex-wife!... BUT, probably not in the way that you're thinking. I'm sure you have all seen this wonderful Co-Parenting Meme before. Well, I'm not gonna lie,...
cobblestone vegan soup

Vegan Cobblestone Soups are Local and #SDMBApproved

"This soup is my new obsession! It was so good and I love that it's nondairy with high-quality ingredients. Even my 11-month-old baby loved it!" - Deanne Goodman Gustafson, San Diego Moms Blog Contributor "It's...

Help! My Kid Has Anxiety

This post first appeared on the Gainesville, FL Moms Blog here. I remember the first time I felt anxious as a child. My cousin, who was a more mature peer, talked me into watching a...
SDMB Approved

{Sponsored} Sugar Mamma Caramels – #SDMBApproved

"The caramels have the perfect amount of flavor, without it being overwhelming, and are simply delightful. You might just end up eating an entire bag in one sitting!" - Bri Roberts, San Diego Moms...

The Amazing DateBox Club is #SDMBApproved!

"The datebox helped me remember that best friend I have in my husband--that buddy who I love to laugh with about silly stuff. Formal dates don't necessarily bring this out, but playing together with...

Reduce Your Food Cost and Eat Better Than Ever! {Guest Post}

The cost of food for a family can be so expensive! When you see the amount of money you bring in each month and then see how much you have left at the end...

{SPONSORED} Questioning the Choice to Have Plastic Surgery?

A Local Mom Shares How Her Mommy Makeover Changed Her Life As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I spend my days working with people who are looking to feel more comfortable in their bodies—and just as every person...