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Beer + Girl Scout Cookie Pairing : Friday Favorites

By: Sherrylynn Haupt What better way to start off the month of February than introducing “Friday Favorites” with Cookies and Beer! It’s cookie season for the Girl Scouts so I joined fellow San Diego Moms...
single mom

Single Mom in San Diego Series: Best-Laid Plans of this Dating Mom

Tis with life, no one plans to be a "Single Mom", but it happens. Eventually, some of us decide or get pushed into what comes next. That next step into the scary dating world. Along...

Today is my Baby’s Due Date :: Dealing with Loss by Talking About it

Today is my babies due date. But instead of dealing with swollen ankles, sleepless nights and Braxton Hicks, I am distracting myself by playing with my sweet 3yr old girl. We are playing chase...

Sex Scandals and Motherhood

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past six months, you have heard about the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal in Hollywood. I know I have, and I'm not one to sit and...

Four Kids In Five Years: My Message To Moms Everywhere

I got married with the expectation of having babies. I won’t say lots, but let’s just say my husband is one of nine and I am one of five kids, so having babies was something...

Motherhood with Depression

Chances are when you see the words depression and motherhood together you think of postpartum depression. While postpartum depression is devastating, (I’ve been there, I know) often the storm doesn't end there. My official diagnosis is...

I Have a Great Husband and I’m Tired of Keeping it a Secret

When was the last time you heard someone say their husband is a great person, an extraordinary person? Now when was the last time you heard someone say their husband is lazy, inattentive, selfish...
single parenting

TRUE LIFE CONFESSIONS- I’m Married but Still Single Parenting

Who knew that you could still struggle with "single parenting" when you are married? A couple is to raise children together- two combined: Isn't that what we are taught?  I am a control freak, I like things...

To The Mom Going Through A Divorce :: This Does Not Define You

Dear Mom going through a divorce, This event does not define you. I'll repeat that - this event does not define you. You are more than your divorce. A full life awaits you, regardless of your past...

The Real Heroes

August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit the land of Texas as a category 4 with wind speeds exceeding 130 mph. Combined with an even greater rainfall, as of September 1st, Houston was considered one-third...
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Size is JUST a Number :: Thoughts on Postpartum Body Positivity

"See, like most women, I've dealt with body image issues for my entire life. Honestly, I don’t remember a time when I haven’t obsessed over my size."

“We Were on a BREAK” (What does “Separation” mean in a Marriage?)

True life anonymom series:: We were on a break. Have you been here? Do you have advice for our anonymom?