Victoria White

Victoria is a mom of three, Marine Corps wife, and transplant from South Carolina with a bachelors degree in Psychology. She loves traveling, cooking, family adventures, coffee, and Jesus. Her family moved to San Diego in January 2019 after living in Japan for 3 years. She started an Instagram account in the summer of 2019 to share her family's adventures through food, travel, and fun with others while offering tips and tricks to help make their experience enjoyable. She is grateful to add to the team here at San Diego Moms Blog and share her world with you through the blog and her Instagram account @TheWhitePartyOfFive

How to Effectively Check on Your Strong Friends

"Check on your strong friend" is a phrase that's commonly placed on social media by people with very good intentions. What's usually missing is a plan to check on them in a manner that is...

Purple Up With Us: The Month of the Military Child

Resilient is a word that is often used to describe military children because of their ability to withstand the adverse situations of the military lifestyle. "Adapt and overcome" is a mantra that speaks to...

Family-Style Dining Eliminated Our Picky Eater Problems

What is Family-Style Dining? Family style dining is a meal at the table in which everyone serves themselves. Mealtime and bedtime used to be the most stressful activities in our household. We started eating our...