Xochitl S.

Xochitl is a Southern California native, her alma matter is SDSU where she received a degree in Family and Child Development. Deciding to homeschool her son was one of the best decisions she made. She now fills her days with learning, love and planning events for San Diego Moms Blog . She enjoys exploring the city and spending quality time with her friends. Xochitl loves to express herself creatively, some of her hobbies include DIY projects, drinking beer and listening to good music. Follow her on instagram @mom.life_with.u

Why I Will Never Outgrow You… A Short Letter To My Husband

My loving husband, I will never outgrow you. A lot has changed since we were first married. Back then we seemed to agree about almost everything... we were both on the "same page." Foolishly I...

My Dirty Little Secret… A Produce Storage Guide!

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Oh No! It’s true…my child is “THAT” child.

On the day my son turned one, he also turned into "THAT" child. I knew that gentle parenting was the parenting approach I wanted to take. If my child felt safe and securely attached,...