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FEMX Quarters was established in 2019 by Jessie Medina, a public speaker and philanthropist. FEMX Quarters was created to bring local entrepreneurs together in a collaborative space. Since then, that inclusion has expanded to reach an even larger public audience.

Their 3,600 square ft. venue is located just five minutes from downtown San Diego and four minutes from the San Diego International Airport. They offer a beautiful city view from our large glass windows, a flood of natural light from our wide, open floor plan, and a chic clean vibe from our custom-designed interior.

FEMX Quarter’s maximum seated capacity houses 150 people sitting (200 standing), making it a perfect venue for small to medium events. We also offer 200 square ft of front outdoor space, ideal for food trucks and other large vendors. FEMX Quarters supports an open-vendor policy, ensuring that every element is customizable to you. Ultimately, FEMX Quarters aims to be the perfect canvas for your next event.

FEMX Quarters hosts a variety of events in addition to its original Co-Working Mondays. The space has been used by locals, creators, and planners alike. Its success is due to the amazing team who brought the original collaborative dream to life.

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