Making the Switch to Clean Beauty – 7 Clean Beauty Swaps


A few months ago, I made a conscious decision to make better, healthier choices in my life.

I changed up my diet and started exercising more. I also became more mindful of the products that I used for my son and in our home. Then I realized that there was one aspect of my life that I still haven’t changed, and that was my beauty products.

I’m a HUGE beauty product junkie, so making the decision to switch to cleaner beauty products was a little nerve-wracking at first. I cringed at the thought of getting rid of my “ride or die” beauty products. Also, having to buy all new products wasn’t really ideal for my family’s single-income budget.

So instead of diving right into the clean beauty pool, I decided to take a little dip… for now.

Realistically, I knew I couldn’t switch out my products all at once so I thought of the products that I use on a daily basis. These were the ones that I constantly go through and replenish over and over again. I did a little research and with the help of the THINK DIRTY app (I promise it’s not what it seems like!) and Credo Beauty, I was able to find cleaner alternatives.

Now just a disclaimer, I’m no expert but after using these products for a while, I’m pretty happy knowing that these products make me feel and look great and are also less harmful to my health and overall well-being. So here they are…


  1. Ursa Major’s Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant ($18) – Out of the different brands I’ve tried, this one worked the best for me. It did the job as far as eliminating odor and absorbed any excess moisture. It’s also aluminum-free and doesn’t stain. It does contain baking soda, which some people might be sensitive to, but they do offer a baking soda-free alternative.
  2. Drunk Elephant’s Umbra Sheer Physical Defense SPF 30 ($34)- Sunscreen is very important to me, especially living in sunny San Diego. This one has become my holy grail! It’s packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals and has anti-aging benefits (yes, please!). The formula doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy at all. It also doesn’t leave a white cast on your face like others do, which was very important for me since I have a more tan complexion.
  3. RMS Beauty’s “Un” Cover-up Concealer ($36) – Thanks to mom life, concealer has become a must-have for me. This concealer helps cover up my dark under eye circles especially after those long nights when my little one fights his sleep. It’s a lightweight formula that provides great, buildable coverage. It is a little pricey for the amount you get but a little goes a long way! 
  4. Glossier’s Balm Dot Com ($12) – I’ve tried a ton of different balms and this is by far my favorite. I primarily use it on my lips but you can use it on your face, cuticles, or anywhere you have dry patches. I use the original option which has no flavor, tint, or scent. This balm keeps my lips moisturized for hours especially during these unusually colder days we’ve been having. What’s also great about it is that its paraben and cruelty-free.
  5. Captain Blankenship’s Mermaid Dry Shampoo ($14-$24) –  I think it’s safe to say that dry shampoo is a staple for most moms. This one is great because it doesn’t come out of an aerosol can and is paraben, sulfate, and talc free. It does a great job absorbing the extra oil and gives your hair added volume. It’s great to use when you’re working with day 2 (or day 3…ok, day 4!) hair.
  6. Ilia Beauty’s Multi-Stick ($34) – I love beauty products that are multipurpose. This one can be used on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. It’s made up of natural, organic ingredients like shea butter and sesame seed oil. I really like it because it has a pretty good color pay off and gives you a nice flushed look. 
  7. Lanolips’ Everywhere Multi-Cream ($17) – This is a great product to use when your skin needs that extra hydration. Like the name, you can use it everywhere! I even use it on my little one sometimes. This cream does not contain any artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates, or petrolatums, and is cruelty-free.

Making the switch to clean beauty products can definitely be intimidating. You don’t necessarily have to clean out your entire beauty stash all at once. You can start off with the products that you use the most or the ones you feel are more toxic than others. Just take it one step at a time or in this case, one beauty product at a time! 

For those that have already made the switch to cleaner beauty options, what are your favorites? There are so many different brands and products out there that I’m sure our readers would love to hear about. Leave your favorites in the comments below!


  1. I recently just learned about all the harmful chemicals in most products we use everyday. I am slowly switching out makeup and beauty products as well as bath products for myself and the kids. My next swap will be safer cleaning products. I’ve heard good things about Pure Haven. My go to brand for safer beauty products is Beautycounter.


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