Goodbye Toys R Us and all the Good Memories


For some of us who have not been on top of the news lately- it comes as a surprise when we hear that all of our childhood memories of Toys R Us are merely going to be just that- memories. All Toys R Us stores are closing down after being in business for 70 years! (1948-2018)


For most of us, Toys R Us holds such great nostalgia.

It’s where we would get gift cards for any major holiday/birthday, and immediately need to run to the store and spend it all! 

It’s where I got my first barbie dream house from and even my first bike!

My best memories came around Thanksgiving time when my brothers and I would scour the newspaper pile for the BIG Toys R Us toy catalog for Christmas. We would circle toys we wanted and talk for days about the newest and most fun toys out there! (Tamagotchi anyone??)

Maybe the saddest part about all of this is the employees that will be without jobs and the large and empty buildings that will now stand without toys in it. Apparently there is a plan to save some of the stores, but who knows if it will work this late in the game. 

Some have known that Toys R Us has been in debt for a long time, but only until 2017 when they filed bankruptcy did we take it seriously! In September of 2017, it was revealed that Toys R Us was $5 billion in debt! WOW!

Some say that Amazon and other online retailers are to blame, but who really knows. Walmart is another huge competitor, and obviously Target!

At any rate, it’s still very sad! All we have left is to share our memories. What are some of your favorite Toys R Us memories?? Please share so we can all remember a fun part of our childhood!



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