6 Parenting Tips To Get Your Kids Involved In Household Chores [Guest Post]


Here’s the thing: Kids do not want to do household chores because adults do not like it. We find it cumbersome.

However, motivating ourselves to finish our daily tasks comes with many benefits. This includes ensuring our family’s health and well-being, as well as making our house presentable.

Meanwhile, encouraging our kids to help with chores is believed to help teach responsibility. Although, we know that it is easier said than done.

That said, we have listed six tips that moms can use to get their little ones involved in household tasks:

Do it Early

Infants and toddlers can help around the house as long as you give them age-appropriate tasks.

You can begin teaching your kids how to put away their toys. If you have a pet, perhaps you can ask your preschooler to put food in the bowl. And then you can give them more significant tasks, like setting the table, as they grow.

The key here is to get your kids involved in house chores as early as possible. Because the sooner you encourage them to help out, the earlier it is for them to include tasks in their routine.

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Reinforce With a Noun

According to a study published on Live Science, reinforcing your kid’s desire to be a good person is better than giving your kids a direct order. The best way to do that is by addressing them as a “helper” instead of asking them to “help.”

Instead of asking, “Can you help mommy pick up your crayons?” it would be best to say, “Can you be my little helper and pick the crayons for me?”

The rationale here is to make your kids feel that they are good people. And calling them “helpers” reinforces it.

Show Them How It’s Done

Let’s face it: It will not be fair to ask your kids to do a task without showing how it is done. After all, what does a toddler know about toys other than playing with them?

After asking them to be your little helper, show them how a task is done, even if it is simply putting the crayons away.

Keep in mind that kids learn by example. So, if you want them to get involved in house chores, show them how it is done.

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Build Rotational Routine

Another trick to get your kids involved in house chores is to make it a routine. For instance, your preschooler can feed his pet fish as soon as he’s back from school.

However, kids can grow tired of doing things over and over. As such, it would be best to mix it up a bit. This is what we call a rotational routine.

Using our previous example, your kid can feed his pet this week. Next week, ask your kid to help you sort the laundry. Mind you; this can be an excellent item to teach them about colors and comparison and contrast.

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Remember to Give Praise

If you want to motivate your kid to help you with house chores, do not forget to give them praise. This includes saying “please” and “thank you.”

For one, it is not all the time they will feel like doing it. So, you might need to give them a little nudge. Instead of howling at your kids to put their toys away, speak mildly.

Once they are done, thank them and let them know that you are proud of their work. Doing so reinforces that helping with house chores is rewarding.

Set Up a Reward System

Another way to praise your kids is to set up a reward system. But keep in mind that reward is not equal to money.

There are different ways to reward your kid for helping you with house chores.

One of the popular ways to do so is using sticker charts. Every time you get to address your kid as your helper, you can ask them to place one sticker.

And every time they complete ten stickers, perhaps you can reward them with a food they like. You can also let them do what they want to do, even if it is something as silly as licking peanut butter from a scoop. What’s important is that they are safe.

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In The End

Doing house chores is not the most exciting part of a child’s day. But through learning by example and positive reinforcement, you can encourage them to get involved.

Moreover, teaching them young will enable them to grow as reliable and independent individuals. Would you not be proud of raising a kid who can take care of himself?

Of course, it is up to you to decide how you will get your kids involved. After all, it is not suitable for a preschooler to help you prep the ingredients just yet.

But if you find it challenging to get your kids involved with house chores, the tips listed above can help.

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