DIY: Felt Holiday Cookies


If your kiddos are anything like mine, the pretend kitchen is a hot spot for play. Throughout the day you’ll find my littles cooking up all sorts of goodies in their little wooden oven. With the holiday season approaching, I decided to give them a little pretend sweet treat to add to their kitchen. 

I’ve always loved using felt to craft with. Look around my house and you’ll find felt flowers, wreaths, bows, dolls and food. My twins get their own Christmas tree and the ornaments on it are all felt (the best for kids who tend to drop everything). Felt is inexpensive, easy to store flat, and accessible. Look for it at any craft store.

So let’s jump in and make some felt cookies for those pretend kitchens! Scroll down for photos. 

What you’ll need:

-Scissors (I highly recommend these, if you have pinking shears use them also)

-Glue gun & glue sticks (I found these glitter sticks at Michaels and Dollar Tree)

-Embellishments (optional-buttons, jewels, beads, puffy paint)

-Needle (I use a thicker one but if you’re using tiny beads you’ll want a smaller needle)

-Embroidery thread that matches your felt (I prefer to use 2 strands because of how sturdy and thick it is)

-Pen or fabric marker for tracing shapes

-Cookie cutters (optional since you can just freehand shapes as well)

-Felt (the thicker the better)

felt cookies felt cookies

felt cookies


1- Trace shape on felt and cut out. You can also freehand the shape. I tend to like a more imperfect shape since my cookies in real life never look perfect. If your felt has a pattern or design on one side then trace on the back of it so any pen doesn’t show. I cut the cookies first then the frosting and trimmed it down as desired. Use two layers of felt for each cookie since it makes it thick and therefore more durable.

2- Add any embelishments or make any embroidery work on the “frosting” before putting everything together. If you’re using puffy paint or glitter hot glue make sure that it dries before continuing. 

3- Sew or glue the frosting to the cookie. Sew or grow the top and bottom of the cookie. If you want to add some thickness here you can use a bit of polyfill stuffing

4- Ta-da! Enjoy your pretend holiday cookies!



felt cookies


You can include your kids in the fun by having them help frost the cookies. Older children can do this all themselves, it would be a great gift for a younger sibling or relative. 

I mentioned my felt ornaments earlier-use this same concept and just add some string or a small loop at the top for an ornament hook on each cookie. 

Bezie Design is an amazing resource for all things felt. 

Does your little one put everything in their mouth? I feel ya, been there. Skip the beads and decorate the cookies using embroidery. Sublime Stitching has some great tutorials for beautiful embroidery. 

I glued some of my cookies together and others I sewed. I wanted to show you the end result using each technique. I’ve always only sewed all my felt but this year I mixed it up and the results with hot glue are just as great. 

felt cookies








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