How to Choose Your New Year’s Resolutions


With the end of the year just days away, there is no better time to reflect on the past year and set resolutions, or goals, for the upcoming new year. Not sure where to start? Read on for helpful suggestions that might shed some light for your 2020 year. 

Are your resolutions achievable?

Keeping your New Year’s resolutions realistic will help keep the pressure off of even getting them started. If you are anything like I am, I make my list for all I’d like to achieve, then by March it inevitably falls to the wayside. Starting small will help!  Some examples of small, attainable resolutions look like: paying off a small credit card, or even just paying one down. Going for a walk in the fresh air once a week. Eating out only once on the weekends. Taking a friend for coffee once a month to reconnect. If you happen to go above and beyond in any of these resolutions, that’s great! Do them twice over!

Do your resolutions have a recurring theme?

Maybe you have no issues coming up with the list of your resolutions for the new year. Write out that long list and take a step back. Are most of your resolutions focused on a certain area? Theme your year! Fitness, mental health, doing more with your small family unit, personal growth, planning for travel are all great themes for your New Year resolutions. 

Write your resolutions down.

I like to make sure my list in in full view on a decorated “vision board.” Yours does not have to be fancy or crafty or even on a board. But make sure it is somewhere where you can visit to check those goals off every time you achieve one. If it is visible feel free to add another goal here and there throughout the year and see what you’ve accomplished by the end of 2020. 


Every new year, we look forward to a fresh start. Harness that positivity by electing someone you trust to keep that good vibe going all year long. Ask them to remind you why you chose these resolutions (in the best way possible) when the bumps in the road start appearing. They are your elected cheer leader. The start of your ongoing support system. And it works both ways. Make those New Years resolutions together and do your best to help keep each other on track and feeling good about the road to accomplishment.

Get the kids involved, too.

It is never too early to teach them the importance of setting goals and showing them the value of the hard work it takes to achieve them. Ask the little ones to add one resolution to the list for the year and see what they come up with. You might be surprised at how helpful they’ll want to be as long as it’s their choice and not what they’re being told to do. 

Have a resolution for no more resolutions?

Hey, that’s ok too! You kick butt all year and next year will be no different. Wishing you all a safe, peaceful, and prosperous journey into the New Year. Happy 2020!

Happy New Year


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