Little Luxuries: Cheap and Easy Things You Can Do To Feel Fancy (Even If You’re Not)


The day-to-day of mom life can definitely feel like a grind. Whether you are a working mom, stay-at-home mom, or somewhere in between, it’s easy to lose your love (and time) for the finer things. As someone who considers themselves not very fancy at all (even before kids), I’ve found it imperative to identify some small luxuries in life. These items are also a good excuse to get some time without the kids, or chip away at our age-old quest for self-care. And of course, they are all found on Amazon for under $25.

Wine Chiller

Whether you drink wine or not, a wine chiller could be a great addition to your kitchen. A nice bottle of sparkling water also looks lovely and refreshing when situated in a chiller. It may seem silly, yes. It may seem pointless, also yes. However, at the end of a hard day when I get the screw-top bottle of whatever $7.99 wine I got from Vons out of the fridge— nothing makes me feel fancier than popping it in a wine chiller on the counter. It’s a great piece for entertaining as well and makes a great gift.

Bottle of wine in a wine chiller

Eye Mask

I’ve never met a mom who’s said to me: “I’m really satisfied with the amount of sleep I get.” If you have, please get all of her secrets and post them online—thanks. A simple way I’ve found to be able to unwind and try to get my best sleep possible is to wear a sleep mask. It’s an easy way to do a physical act that will separate the daytime from when it’s time to sleep. This magical little thing blocks out the light and forces me to close my eyes. Short of turning off the thoughts running around in my head, this seems like this best thing to do!

Gray eye mask for sleeping

Sheet Masks/Under-Eye Gels

Skincare, in general, can feel like a bit of a luxury to moms, but what I particularly like about sheet masks and under-eye gels is the directions that say “leave on for 10-15 minutes”. In mom hours, this is, no doubt, a long time. Consider this multi-tasking, as you are taking care of your skin and getting a few minutes of peace by yourself. Sheet masks are exactly what they sound like—a sheet of cloth that is impregnated with a hydrating serum that covers the entire face. Under-eye gels are a bit thicker and specifically target the undereye area. A word to the wise… do these without the small children around, as they can potentially be a bit scary.

Gold under eye gel masks

Essential Oils

I keep a bottle of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils in my bathroom. Dropping a couple of drops into the shower and letting the particles disperse in the steam can make your regular shower feel like a spa shower. Consider also adding a couple of drops into your kiddo’s bath if they have a stuffy nose or is having a particularly grumpy day (it helps for both of you). Another option is keeping a little bottle of lavender oil by your bed to take a whiff or put a dab on if you are having trouble falling asleep. If you have any friends or family that sell essential oils, consider talking to them for more robust thoughts on the topic. Local markets like Sprout’s or Jensen’s also sell essential oils. And (no surprise) they are also cheaply available on Amazon as well.

bottles of mixed essential oils


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