A Family Valentine


We have Christmas packed away, hopefully. New Years resolutions are in full swing, and our first Hallmark holiday is upon us. Can you say, “Hearts, candy, pink & red, oh my”? 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve often thought of Valentine’s Day as a day for couples. It is even more exciting for new couples.

Make a reservation at a restaurant with a set menu, then pick out a cute outfit and break in those new heels. Get ready for heart day! 

However, being a stay-at-home mom, and married for 17 years, my tune has changed. I haven’t given up on this card-making holiday. I’ve now figured out how to incorporate all four of us.

Here are a few ways to share the love in your home this February. 

Start the morning off right with notes.

A fun way to start are post-it notes. I like to write special messages and stick on the bathroom mirror. “You’re loved”, or “Happy heart day, smile”. This does not have to be a thought-out poem. Just add a smile to begin their day, and see if they notice 😉

Breakfast is served

A sweet thing to do is to make heart-shaped pancakes, but who has time for that? I’ll make it easy by using paper heart plates or red cups to feel festive. This is when the dollar store comes in handy. Napkins, plates, and cups galore for a few bucks and you’re out the door. 

Small gifts count

I don’t remember when I started doing it, but I usually buy an individual gift for each girl. This is my chance to pick up a new book, small LEGO set, or another activity they might enjoy. My girls love when I buy them matching Valentine’s tee shirts from Target. (I like to tell myself that).

Love don’t cost a thing

Take out that red construction paper hiding in the pretend “craft” box and make a card. “Roses are red, violets are blue, today and always I’m glad I have you”. Feel free to use this one 😉  Better yet, cut out hearts and make a banner or spread cut-out hearts on the table. 

End the day right

Kids come home with packs of V-Day cards and crazy Fun Dip. How do you compete with that?  Make a point to have dinner together as a family. Have each person say something nice about a parent or sibling. “Glad you picked up your socks or hung up your wet towel”. Doesn’t have to be super sentimental. Kindness matters.

Gather around

Make some popcorn, or enjoy those red and pink cupcakes you picked up earlier. Turn on Disney Plus and watch a movie. Play Pictionary, Yahtzee or Life. Who wants to play a game?

All together now.

There are so many ways to enjoy this day as a family. Show a little love between all of you. Making memories so the kids can one day say, “remember when”. Once the littles are tucked in, cuddle up and remind your person how special they are and ask, “Will you be my Valentine”?  


  1. I have followed you posts from the begining, and have loved them, and look forward to the next post. Progressing now to a blog, congratulations. You have given all stay at home moms a new perspective, that will give these special moms a new meaning that, THERE IS A LOT MORE TO BEING A “STAY AT HOME MOM”. EACH BLOG IS REFRESHING, FUN, ENTERTAINING, FASHION, FAMILY INTERACTIONS AND OF COURSE INCLUDING THE CHILDREN’S COMICAL, SERIOUS SIDES AND COMMENTS. ?? ?


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