Embracing Grace When Everything Is Out of Control


As a mom to six kids and always on the go, I have to stay organized and rely on schedules. This is key in making sure each day runs fairly smoothly for our large family. However, since the  COVID-19 quarantine has been in place, ALL routines have gone out the window. Normally I would panic but I don’t feel bad or stressed about it. 

Since everyday life shut down, our days honestly are lazy with a capital “L”. Days consist of movie marathons, some outside play in the yard, barbies, and video games. My kids have also channeled their inner locusts and are eating everything. Heck, they would eat bolts and screws as long as there’s ketchup. Today alone they consumed five full meals and had about thirty-six snack breaks, so I will be planting crops in the next week to ensure our survival.

When it comes to “distance learning”, I have no problem in admitting I am not the homeschooling type of mom. Our school-aged kids range in ages 3-18 years old, and being confined to the house has been a bit challenging for them. I will say, it takes special people to teach children and God bless our teachers! I will totally donate whatever supplies they need and never again complain when schools resume. However I am not looking forward to online learning or homework packets, so my kids will instead be taking Honors Yard Work, Home Economics, Laundry 101, and AP Dishwashing. 

In a few short weeks, we’ve all been blindsided by a new normal. We’ve also been expected to maintain structure for our kids without going crazy. This just isn’t very realistic considering all structure, routine, and sanity have become pretty much non-existent. Thank God for wine and caffeine which are far more enjoyable than making color-coded schedules. This is a time to put on those comfy sweats, turn on Netflix, and give yourself some GRACE because you deserve it. Use this time to cuddle with your kids and make new memories; just take quarantine one day at a time. You are not a failure if chores are left undone or if you take an extended work break so in the words of Elsa from Frozen, “Let it Go”.

This isn’t the time for perfection. It’s the time for hiding in the closet and stuffing your face with Oreos. Yes, we miss civilization and physical interactions but this too will pass. Our kids need us now more than ever. It may feel overwhelming some days, but we will get through this because… CHOCOLATE and we’re Superwomen.

Hang in there momma, you’re doing great!

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I am a native San Diegan and my husband Ryan and I have been married for 8 1/2 years and have 5 fascinating kids ages 16, 7, 5, 3, and 1 and a half. We also have a super chill turtle named Lisa and a very cool kitty named Cooper. I am a stay at home mom but also work part time as a seasonal employee for Proflowers, am a freelance makeup artist, volunteer as a very active member of the Mountain Empire High School Booster Club where our oldest child attends school, am a volunteer speaker with the Center for Community Solutions and I serve as a makeup artist and hair braider with the Inner Beauty Ministry team at our church The Rock Church East County. I am also a former Mrs. California-America 2004 and still enjoy compete in local and state pageants. In my down time I LOVE catching up on sleep lol, window shopping, wine tasting, coffee, good movies, cooking/baking, dates with my hubby and hanging out with good friends.



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