Finding Your Happiness at Work


As an adult, when do you know to give something up to be happy? It can be in the form of a job, a relationship or whatever is going on in your life. But at what point do you say “Alex (your name), how much longer are you going to stay in this rut and not go for Happy?” 

For almost 10 years I had my home business. I loved doing it, I loved meeting new people and helping them. But earlier this year, I started not to love it, I started not to enjoy it. I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t the money part, because I was making good money. It wasn’t the people, it wasn’t the background noise of the business. I simply wasn’t in love with what I was doing anymore. For months, I tried to make myself fall back in love with it. And it didn’t work.  I was holding onto the fact that I have been doing this for almost 10 years, and I was afraid of what my husband would say, my kids and my friends. 

I finally broke down and told my husband what I was feeling and why. His response along with my kids made my heart melt and made me cry. He could tell that for months I wasn’t happy and was waiting for me to come to him and tell him. We have really good communication, but I wanted to see if I could fix this and fall back in love and be happy on my own before I said anything to him. My kids, family, friends (well, not all of them) support me 100%.

With the decision made… let me tell you, a HUGE load was lifted off my shoulders. So I started a new DS home business. And I am sooo happy. Like legit happy. It is something new, some fun and easy for me. You only get 1 life to live. Be happy. Live happily. Life is too short to not be completely happy in your life. To hear “Alex I am so happy to see you happy and smiling, especially about your business” means the world to me. Even meeting up with friends, and they are saying the same thing. 

 Happiness gives you a glow that you wear every day. Go Find Your Happiness!!!


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