To My San Diego Moms, It’s Not Goodbye, It’s Just “See You Later”


To my San Diego Moms,

Three years ago, I was just a mom moving long-distance with my family, looking forward to a new adventure. From the Northern California Bay Area to the sunny shores of San Diego, we have made the most of this home. And my goodness, it has been some of our best days here. I found my tribe early among a group of women with a common thread: Mothers.

My early days with San Diego Moms were as an ambassador for Coffee Moms and Beer Moms; two unique groups of moms that gathered at coffee shops and breweries all over San Diego county to meet and greet each other while supporting local businesses. Later, those groups merged into You Can Sip with Us and the bonding continued.

You moms made me feel comfortable and confident enough to submit my piece to join the writing team. I remember feeling shy and unsure, but after getting to know this group, I found the courage I needed. I was so thrilled to be accepted as a writer and I haven’t looked back since. It has been a joy to offer insight and advice and tell my stories alongside you talented ladies.

I think my favorite part about this group is that we have come from all parts of the world, raising children in all stages -from pregnancy to college adults. We have diverse opinions and views, and yet we all coexist on this platform, in a safe space, and it has kept us close. I love learning things from all of you, celebrating your triumphs and commiserating in your struggles. We are all here together and that message has always been clear.

And I hope that doesn’t change.

Our family is embarking on our next big journey in just a couple weeks. Which means this is my last post as a San Diego Mom. Although my heart is heavy leaving California behind, my adventure sense is buzzing and sparking with the electricity of a new state on the horizon and I can’t wait to continue sharing our family’s adventures on a sister site. Thank you to all my San Diego mamas who have made this city our home. I appreciate the time we spent together laughing, growing, raising our babies.

It’s not goodbye, it’s only “see ya later.” Come visit us and we’ll stay in touch. Keep telling your stories. I’m rooting for you.

All my love and appreciation,


A mom and daughter enjoying one of the many San Diego beaches
We will miss the waves of the Pacific Ocean, but that is all the more reason to come back to visit CA!


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