Yes, I am “SO BUSY”… and I kinda prefer it that way


I can’t remember exactly when it happened, becoming “so busy.” A part of me feels like it’s always been this way, but I’m pretty sure it has not been. I love the feeling of the start of a new month when I wipe the old month from the dry erase calendar and get all my multicolored pens out to lock down the next month’s craziness! I’m sure part of that is my Type A personality – lists and organization. There is satisfaction in a ridiculously packed schedule that I actually get excited about. 

I often get wide-eyed comments from friends when I recite the upcoming week’s schedule. My mother is constantly commenting about how I pile so much on my plate. I’m not sure how it happened but the fast-paced lifestyle is just how I prefer it! It’s almost like living on constant adrenaline, which I will admit at times (much of the time) is totally exhausting – but honestly, I just function better this way!

The groundwork for this is obviously laid out by my three children. School and homework are a given, followed by sports or activities for the 2 oldest – two each at any given time! Other things come up and I always find myself saying yes, not because I have a hard time saying no, but because WHY NOT??! Sleepovers, sure why not. Write a blog post, sure why not. Run an annual pediatric cancer fundraising event for 300 people, sure why not?!

I truly am not looking to break any records, impress anyone or earn the admiration and praise of all my friends. I am WIRED to thrive in this type of environment. I enjoy it and for the most part, I am really good at it! There is always the occasional “Crap, that was today??!” but they are few and far between. Busy makes the day flow nicely. And while yes, they go by so quickly, they are filled with busy memories not made as easily while passing the day leisurely doing laundry and looking up new recipes (which I admit, is kinda nice once in a while).

Of course, there are moments when I wonder what a slower life in some sleepy town would be like. That Pioneer Woman might be on to something that I will never ever know the secret to. I knew before my kids were even born I was not the stay-at-home-mom type. I’d be terrible at it. I enjoy my career, my coworkers and using my adult brain and talents I paid a lot of college tuition for. I think it makes me a better mom and I hope my kids feel the same way. Fast doesn’t have to equal stressed or chaotic or compromised. To me it’s balanced, it’s happy, and it’s satisfying, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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