An Effortless DIY Macramé Wall Hanging


A few weeks ago I worked up the courage to try out macramé and much to my surprise, it was pretty easy and quick. So, if you invite me to your birthday party, you’ll likely be getting a plant hanger, wall hanging, a key chain and anything else I can figure out how to mac. Try to act surprised and delighted.


If you’re wanting to try macramé for yourself, dive right in. It’s not as intimidating as it looks. The wall hanging I made is an adaption from a tutorial I found for a bunting banner. Here is a guide of how I took a bunch of rope and made it into my new favorite thing in my home (besides the people).


-450 Feet of 3/16’’ rope (I ordered mine from Knot and Rope Supply)

-Sharp scissors

-2 Hooks

-Curtain or shower rod to work at

-2 Wall hooks for hanging your masterpiece

-2 Hours of free time

-Internet connection and a device for watching YouTube vids

-Florence and the Machine playlist (optional but highly recommended for maximum enjoyment)

I watched a lot of video tutorials and liked the easy and well explained instructions from Crafty Ginger. I recommend you start by watching her walk you through a few basic knots like the Lark’s Head and Square.


The macramé wall hanging I made is an adaptation from Crafty Ginger’s bunting banner tutorial. I made these changes to get the style of hanging I wanted:

  1. Instead of using 300 feet of rope as recommended, I ordered 450 feet for a longer and larger macramé.
  2. I cut my pieces to be 1.5 body lengths instead of just 1 body length.
  3. I made 6 sets and added a bottom row of square knots to make it tier down to 5 sets for a more even look.
  4. I added square knots between the sets to bind them together and finish it.macramé
  5. I left the ends somewhat untrimmed to balance out the design being all along the top.macramé

Waiting for my order of rope to come in the mail was the longest part of the entire project. If you macramé or try it I want to see how it goes for you!

Originally Published: Feb 16, 2017 



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