Make Your Own Halloween Candy!


I’ve loved Halloween since I was a kid myself so I could not wait to throw our first Halloween party at home with two little kids (who cannot wait to participate, either!)

So far, we’ve been doing the prep work and the baking, putting up decorations, and filling grab bags. On a trip to Michaels to load up on a party craft, I wandered through the “Edible Decorations” section and fell down a foodie rabbit hole! I don’t know if you know this, but ALL Halloween stuff at Michaels is currently 50% off! So I loaded up on a few fun tools and ingredients and spent an afternoon crafting my very own Halloween candy.

I’m not a crafty mom or a creative one, so I wanted to share this little nugget with you. Not only is making your own Halloween candy easy (and not too messy,) it’s a delightful one for little hands to engage and play with.

candy melt shapes molded
Here’s my fun and easy Halloween candy craft for you and the kids!


2-3 squirt/icing bottles

2-3 bags of candy meltscandy melts

Silicone molds of choicesilicone molds from Michaels

Optional: Edible decorations like glittersprinkles





  1. Follow the instructions on the bags of candy melts to heat gently and soften until they’re melted and ready to be poured into one of your squirt bottles. NOTE: You can also use Ziploc baggies with a corner cut off, but investing $.50 in a squirt bottle will save you some mess and cleanup time.

2. If you’d like to top your candy with a decoration like edible glitter, put the glitter into the mold first. I also experimented with larger decorations like candy hearts and flowers, but they sink into the candy and look a little strange. The tinier the pieces, the better the effect. Contrasting colors work really well, like silver glitter vs. purple candy.

3. Use the squirt bottle to fill up a silicone mold about 3/4 of the way. Do not overflow the mold! Tap the mold on the counter to even out the melted candy, and it will fill in any nooks and crannies you missed. 

4. Place the mold into the fridge to chill. In less than 10 minutes, you can gently pop your candies out. Use them on their own, or top cookies or brownies for a decadent Halloween treat.


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