The Unspirited Side of Spirit Week


Ah, Fall has arrived. And with the Autumn months also comes good ole Spirit Week for the month of October at my kids school. Now don’t get me wrong, I love their school, the staff and the teachers, and four years ago when my kids began attending this school, Spirit Week was fun and gave me a chance to showcase my creative abilities. Fast forward to four years later and three little ones now in elementary school, and Spirit Week has literally sucked the school spirit out of me.

For those of you wondering, Spirit Week happens twice a school year, is a week long and consist of daily themes such as Crazy Sock Day, Twin Day, Western Day, Mismatched Day, Crazy Glasses Day, Pajama Day, Sports Day, Superhero Day, Wear Red Day and my all time favorite yet also the most tedious–Crazy Hair Day. Each day requires planning ahead and waking up super early to execute the look. Crazy Hair Day, however, is its own entity and often wipes me out. This particular day requires a lot of coffee, prayer, many supplies, a hot glue gun, hair prep the night before and constructing the hairstyles early the morning of, not to mention making sure the style holds up through a full day in any weather. I will typically decide on a hairstyle about a month before, and because I don’t want my kids’ classmates copying the same idea, I don’t even tell my kids until the morning of what their hairstyle is going to be. There are no awards or prizes given for best look each day, you just participate simply to show your school pride and for the fun of it all. 

Also added into the Autumn month of Spirit Week is Picture Day, field trip fundraisers, a field trip to the local Pumpkin Patch, Homecoming game and dance for our high schooler, church and school fall festivals, two of our kids birthdays, our wedding anniversary and Halloween. By the end of October we are usually physically wiped out, financially tapped out and excited to close out the month. Honestly, I sometimes wish the school would do a Spirit Week for parents which would consist of Free Coffee Day, Free Doughnut Day, Parents Pajama Day, Say How You Really Feel About Parenting Day and Free Margarita Day, but I think it’s pretty safe to say none of those days will ever happen. It would be awesome to have a margarita booth set up in the drop off zone in front of the school… a girl can dream right?

Below are a few photos of some of our favorite Spirit Week days over the last few years. For those of you who also participate in Spirit Week and are in need of a little inspiration, I hope these help get your creative juices flowing and bring a smile to your face. As for me, I am now officially burned out and over the whole Spirit Week, oh and did I mention this week is in fact Spirit Week for my kids? One time is exhausting enough, but having to do this two times a school year is a bit much. However, my kids love to participate and look forward to what fun creations I will come up with so I will put my complaining aside. Instead, I will choose to keep smiling, continue to wake up early and power through Spirit Week for as long as I have to because I secretly really do enjoy it and as moms we are the memory makers.

Spirit Week 3
Spirit Week 4
Spirit Week 5
Spirit Week 6
Spirit Week 7
Spirit Week 8

Happy Spirit Week everyone! 

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