The Summer of Too Much Screen Time


If you’re like me, you believe there are some parts of motherhood you’ve failed at. My kids speak only one language, English. My kids have yet to become young entrepreneurs and featured on the Today show. One kid is a super picky eater. The other child doesn’t like sports. My biggest fail: I’ve allowed electronics to entertain them.

I never thought I would be “that mom”. I would often think, “so glad my kids don’t watch a lot of TV.” I would feel bad for kids who played video games, “Where are their parents?” That will never happen in our home!

Fast forward to 2020, the year of anything will happen. My daughters are often up at the crack of dawn so its easy for them to stay in their room. Quietly watch a show on an iPad or play one of the annoying but popular computer games. They are out of my sight and off my mind. Mom can enjoy her coffee, read, or run. Win-Win… until you feel like a loser-loser parent.

In an effort to take back my kids’ brains while in quarantine, I’ve come up with a few ideas.

Set a time limit

Electronics can not be touched until 8 AM. I’m sorry your body woke up at 6:30. Lay down go back to sleep or read. There is no need to crack open a laptop before 8! After mom does her workout, its electronics off for at least 3 hours. Once times are set,, they know what to expect. NO evening usage past 7 PM. Read yourself to sleep.

Game time

Something our family has done a lot of since March is play games. We can play at lunchtime or while we eat dinner. This gives us a chance to engage. Our games are pretty simple, Uno, Phase 10, or Trouble. Watching mom lose and pout is always enjoyable!

Get Outside

Unfortunately, we don’t have a yard or a pool out back. Any outside time is usually a family event. We take bike rides daily. Ride to the playground or play kickball. We also take lots of walks. Since moving to a new community, there is a lot of construction. We often team up and see who can find the most nails on the ground. Saving flat tires along the way with teamwork.

Get the crafts out

There will also be time for crafts. What kid doesn’t like to spend at least 20-30 mins drawing or painting? Google animals to draw or put out canvases to paint on. It’s always fun to see what they come up with. We recently purchased an air dry clay kit, so fun! Sitting and making bracelets can also keep kids busy for a while.

Activities on weekends include making a special breakfast, washing the car, going for drives along the coast, picking weeds, and planting.

I don’t expect my child to be the next great chess player or Picasso, or suddenly invent something and appear on Shark Tank. My goal is to help make their childhood memorable in a positive way. This too shall pass.

I hope to achieve this.


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