The Ultimate Celebration of Motherhood 🌸 Bloom Event Recap


Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Our 6th annual Bloom Event for New and Expecting Moms took place at the stunning Joya Kitchen on Saturday, May 6th. The venue provided a picturesque setting for the event, which featured a lineup of inspiring speakers and educational sessions, as well as an impressive selection of partners.

Bloom is presented by Children’s Primary Care Medical Group (CPCMG). 

Presenting Sponsor: Children's Primary Care Medical Group

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Children’s Primary Care Medical Group

For more than 25 years, Children’s Primary Care Medical Group has been the region’s only health care provider focused on children, their health and well-being. We have more than 160 pediatricians, physician assistants and certified pediatric nurse practitioners working in 28 offices throughout San Diego and southern Riverside counties. CPCMG loves working with children and their families, guiding them through infancy, into childhood and the teen years.

Event Photographer

Diane Hamacher Photography

Diane was our event photographer so all of the incredible photos you see in this post, were taken by her! She joined the San Diego Moms team this past year and we are beyond grateful. She specializes in kids and family photography!

Thank you for capturing these incredible moments from our annual Bloom Event, we are so grateful!

Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook

Bloom Emcees

Photography by Diane Hamacher Photography

Photography by Diane Hamacher Photography

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Kara Lee, Founder & CEO – The Well Community for Women (Left) & Katie Casillas, Co-founder – Casillas Media & Consulting (Right)

Featured Speakers


Three Tips for Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness

Vianney Yamada, BirthFit Coach

Earned Fitness

Bonding with Baby through Breast and Bottle Feeding

Shelby Abramson, NP, IBCLC

Children's Primary Care Medical Group

The Power or Chiropractic Care

Dr. Maddie Wallace

Awaken Chiropractic

What to Look for When Choosing a Pediatrician

Jamie Jordan, MD, FAAP

Children's Primary Care Medical Group

How Midwifery Can Improve Maternal Outcomes

Maral Shabak, LM, CPM & Allison Tartari LM,CPM

Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Collective

The Importance of Maternal Mental Health During the Transition to Motherhood

Angela Bianco Smith, LCSW

Barefoot Healing Arts

5 Reasons Your Baby Wakes in the Night

Jen Varela, Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Sugar Night Night

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Panel Discussion

Katie Casillas, Casillas Media & Consulting (Left), Jolie Cash, Founder Jolie Cash & The Unconventional Mamas (Center) and Mahalene Dulay, Wealth Advisor & Founder of Modern Wealth Collective (Right)


Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography



Marlenne Ornelas & Josh Montoya

Platinum Sponsors

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography


FIT4MOM offers pre and postnatal health, wellness, and fitness programs for every stage of motherhood. All of our programs were created by moms for moms to provide Strength in Motherhood®.

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Kids Care Finder

Kids Care Finder is truly the simple solution to all your childcare needs. We connect families with all types of childcare providers, and child related programs and activities. We will have over twenty different categories by the end of 2023, and finding and messaging providers is FREE for families!

Gold Sponsors

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

New Life Ultrasound

At New Life Ultrasound we enjoy your pregnancy with you while offering you a luxury boutique ultrasound experience for you and your whole family.

Their facilities offer you top of the line technology operating with the SAMSUNG WS80 which provides amazing clarity and definition of your baby inside the womb. Features include advanced 2D/3D/4D/HD ultrasound imaging. We are providing the newest technology “REAL VIEW” imaging enhancements. SneakPeek Clinical early gender DNA testing is available and starts at 6 weeks with next day results. We also have an awarding on-site maternity & newborn photographer. 

They have 4 locations for you and your family to visit located in Murrieta, San Diego Riverside & The Coachella Valley.

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Harmony Mama Law

Amy Hsiao is a mom lawyer with a boutique firm helping families protect their young children and assets from conflict and court. Did you know that 69% of parents have not named guardians for their children? This means that their children would be in the hands of strangers if something were to happen to the parents.

As a toddler mom, Amy is passionate and dedicated to helping you and your family avoid going to court in case of the unforeseen, saving your loved ones tons of heartaches and money. The main legal concern regarding pregnancy is to create a will and name a guardian. If something goes wrong during pregnancy or birth, the child will have a guardian and not go through the foster care system, even temporarily. 

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

San Diego Prenatal & Pediatric Massage

San Diego Prenatal & Pediatric Massage provides massage and cranial sacral to help ease pain associated with pregnancy, postpartum, and raising children. Sciatic pain? Back pain? Hip pain? Babies with lip or tongue ties? Torticollis? Digestion challenges? Kids with headaches? Growing pains? Anxiety? They can help with all of these conditions and more! they are here to help make your life a little easier.

They offer a variety of services to support mom and children like pregnancy and pediatric massages, healing touch, and massaged designed specifically for you.

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Baby Panache

Baby Panache is everything baby bundled with Love! A clothing and accessory collection for the little mini that is sure to style your baby in contemporary, soft + creamy rich colors +  carefully curated styles.

A baby with a confident and distinctive appearance, style and elegance. Elegant, chic and stylish, the Baby Panache collection features a color palette that is contemporary, soft, and creamy rich without being cliché. Children clothed in Baby Panache will enjoy a contemporary, distinctive appearance and style. The cohesive collection puts baby’s best foot forward in a variety of comfortably cute garments and accessories from rompers, dresses, knotted gowns, kimono sets, shorts, and headbands, along with teething rings, and baby rattles. 

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Little Wonderland Sleep Solutions

I created this business initially as a fun venture that would allow me flexibility; but after having my daughter I saw a real need for a supportive expert that understood a moms needs beyond a business. When we need help, we look to a specialist that is empathetic to the mother we are, actively listens to our needs and educates us based on those needs, and cheers us on for both big and small wins. When I work with a mom and her child’s sleep, I strive to do just that. I understand how tough wearing the “mom” hat can be and if I can alleviate the stress and fear around sleep and further improve sleep so everyone is living a more functional life and leaving me with a smile on their face, I will have accomplished my goal.

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Restore Pelvic Therapy

Restore Pelvic Therapy is a physical therapy clinic specialized in treating the pelvic floor. This means that we treat everything from urinary leakage or urgency, people that are pregnant and postpartum, constipation, and even pain with intimacy. We know that as you progress through pregnancy your needs change. Therefore, each treatment session is an hour, one on one, with the focus on whatever it is you need that day. Whether that be a massage and strengthening or practicing labor positions and breathing. We can teach you perineal massage or give you stretches for when your back hurts from carrying that baby all day. We want to walk with you throughout your journey.

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Holistic Healing Physical Therapy & Wellness

Holistic Healing Physical Therapy & Wellness specializes in pelvic floor physical therapy for women in all stages of motherhood and womanhood, during pregnancy and the postpartum season. Ladies, do you suffer from low back pain, pelvic pain, leaking, pain with sex, leaking, pregnancy-related pain or want to get your body back post-baby? We are here to help you get out of pain so that you can have a body ready for action, feel more confident, have better intimacy with your partner, be more present for your family, and laugh and sneeze without leaking ever again. I accept Tricare, Medicare, and HSA/FSA. If you would like to find out if pelvic floor physical therapy is right for you, book a FREE 20-Min Discovery Call with me. No obligations!

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

June Care

June Care connects families who need childcare with stay-at-home parents who can care for their kids. It offers high-quality, flexible childcare designed to fit your life by matching you with like-minded parents in your neighborhood. June Care hosts set their own schedule and hourly rates and can earn income while spending time with their kids. BONUS: your kids get to meet new friends. It’s like childcare and a playdate, all in one! It’s free to sign up as a host or to request childcare at

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Awaken Family Chiropractic

Awaken Family Chiropractic is an intimate, family-oriented chiropractic office located in the heart of La Jolla Village. Dr Maddie uses gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments to realign the spine and unlock the innate healing power of the body. She specializes in prenatal and pediatric care to provide comfort during pregnancy, to aid in an easier birthing process, to help newborns thrive and to assist with certain breastfeeding obstacles mom & baby might encounter. At Awaken, the goal is for every infant, child, parent and person to live with less limitations and more life expression.

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

The Well Community for Women

The well is a nonprofit with a mission to pour into women and children by providing peaceful workspace, enriching classes and unique events and programming. Their vision is to expand The Well nationally and provide these services around the country for women. Memberships and donations support our work and give moms who can’t afford our resources the opportunity to join on a scholarship. 

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Collective

Individualized holistic care under one roof Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Collective is a wellness center that offers holistic, evidence based care for every stage of your journey. Operated by a team of Licensed Midwives, we offer prenatal, postpartum, and birth services, two beautiful birthing suites, alongside our wellness team of holistic practitioners like naturopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists, herbalists, cranial sacral therapists, and pelvic floor therapists.

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Sugar Night Night

Do you need your baby and yourself to sleep through the night? With Sugar Night Night, your whole family can get more sleep and keep bedtime tears to a minimum. Jen Varela, a San Diego Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, helps expectant parents, newborns, infants, toddlers, and children have sweet sleep. Since 2010, sleep coaching expert Jen has helped more than 4,500+ families find the sweet sleep they’ve been deprived of and desperately needed. These families have benefited from her expertise in workshops, phone or online consultations, and group coaching. More than 900 families in the U.S. and worldwide have achieved their sleep goals through private one-on-one coaching with Jen via her company, Sugar Night Night. Jen focuses on achieving each family’s unique sleep goals, whether in co-sleeping environments, a room-sharing configuration, or having the child in a separate room. 

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Baby Wave 4D Ultrasound 

We love that we get to experience the most joyful and exciting time with our moms. Getting to see your babies face, hear the heartbeat, or find out the gender early on is such a bonding time for you and your baby. We truly love what we do and are so humbled to share this time with you.

Maria Lozano Photography

A wife and a mom of two, Maria Lozano passion is in capturing memories for others. Professionally thoughtful, open minded and simple; She is able to collaborate with your needs and surpass expectations. 

Photo Credit: Diane Hamacher Photography

Best Start Birth Center

California’s Premier State Licensed And Nationally Accredited Birth Center, since 1989! IN NETWORK with most PPO insurance Tricare Prime and Select Triwest VA Medi-Cal (Fee for Service and select Medi-Cal HMO plans) Generous Cash Pay pricing & sliding scale for those who qualify OUR MISSION Best Start Birth Center exists in order to improve the health and well being of mothers, babies, and their families. The center is organized to give women high-quality choices, satisfying experiences, and healthy outcomes. OUR SPECIALTY Family Centered WATER BIRTH Natural Physiologic Birth Midwifery & Ob/gyn Services Preconception Planning Prenatal & Postpartum Care Family Planning: IUDs & more Well Woman Care, Pap Smears OUR CARE Your care is provided by a team led by licensed, board Certified Nurse Midwives. Our holistic and compassionate care, water birth and family-centered birthing are why our clients rave about their experiences at Best Start Birth Center.

Table Sponsors

Dream Dinners

Let Dream Dinners do all of your shopping, chopping and prep work. With a variety of options and kid pick favorites, it’s easy to find meals that will please everyone in the family. And since all meals can be cooked in under 30 minutes, it’s a quick and convenient option for busy weeknights.   

Online ordering makes it easy to order meals ahead of time and pick them up or have them delivered. With no commitment necessary, you can order what you want and come back as often as you like. Plus, with more than 17 meals to choose from each month you can look forward to trying out new recipes and enjoying special deals. 

New Guest special! Use coupon code NEWDD for $10 off an order of $89+

Since 2018, Family Connection Chiropractic has provided service to all the members of your family! They are not limited to moms and kids; they work with parent(s), dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins too! We support and embrace people of all kinds – race, religion, LGBTQIA+, artists, weirdos, wandering souls, you name it!

Their Mission is to SERVE, EMPOWER and SUPPORT.

When it comes to preparing for the future, it’s important to work with a team that has the foresight and proven experience necessary to help you navigate life’s challenges. That’s where we come in. Whether you’re just starting out, raising a family, planning for college and education, or looking for a way to protect those you love, our agents and advisors can help you find the right strategies to make the most of today, tomorrow, and the years to come.

Femme Strong Physical Therapy

Dr. Jennifer Santamaria is the owner of Femme Strong Physical Therapy- a specialized, mobile physical therapy practice that focuses on guiding women through recovery from various pelvic floor & orthopedic dysfunctions such as diastasis recti, leaky bladder, pelvic pain, and prolapse. She works with women of all stages of womanhood including young adulthood, childbearing years, and menopause to overcome these & other conditions and feel confident and healthy once again. Dr. Jenny provides mobile sessions in the comfort of the patients home in the San Diego and Temecula regions.

Tiny Tot Sensory

Sensory play! If I could describe anything that is important in a child’s development is that sensory play is absolutely amazing whether your child is special-needs or not this is absolutely important. Stop by and check out their sensory bins, non toxic playdough and slime and other toys that help with adaptive play.

!MPROV Booze-Free Cocktails

Moms rejoice! Meet !MPROV Booze-Free Cocktails, the non-alcoholic canned cocktail for your 9-month journey and beyond. Our full-flavored cocktails are designed to offer you an experience as close as possible to the traditional cocktails that you love. Whether you’re craving a pregnancy Paloma or a get this baby out of me Gin & Tonic we’ve got all your favorite cocktails locked and loaded so you can enjoy no matter your season of life.

Bestemade Premium Bibs & Burpcloths

New moms & dads have enough laundry to wash, so we created premium bibs & burpcloths to make their life easier! 💛 The perfect gift! All bibs and burp cloths are 3 layers, 2 flannel and the back side is terry cloth for extra protection. Both are a generous size to provide absorption and easy clean up. Designed with trending and/or fun prints!

Destination Baby Co.

Destination Baby Co. provides a variety of services to make life as a new mom easier. We offer three types of services: gear cleaning, gear rentals and nanny/mother’s helpers. Our professional gear cleaning takes care of the cleanliness and safety of your car seats, strollers and more. Our gear rentals are great for trying new products before you buy them for your little one or when family or friends come to town. Whatever your childcare needs are, our team of fully vetted, CPR & First Aid Certified sitters is here to help. As a San Diego based, small business we are excited to help local families.


Earned Fitness

Our mission is to inspire a healthy and active lifestyle in the community, helping our clients achieve strength and energy for life through professionally prepared and delivered semi-private coaching sessions.

Earned Fitness’s CORE Values of Gratitude, Enthusiasm, Empathy and Excellence make what we do more than just a sweaty workout. Our meticulously designed programs and high attention to coaching detail allow our coaches to deliver a personalized experience to each client each time they step in the door. We’ll meet you where you’re at, give you all of the attention you need so that you can move at your best, find just the right amount of challenge for the day, and leave feeling refreshed, healthy, and ready to come back again. Thank you for the opportunity.

 Cryo-Cell International

The umbilical cord is a lifeline long after your baby is born. Umbilical cord blood is rich in stem cells, the master cells that can be used to treat 80 diseases to date and the number is ever growing. Collecting these invaluable cells is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Cave Organics

Cave is a 100% Organic Cotton brand led by a mama embracing her diverse background. A San Diego, CA based company that works directly with a women owned manufacturing company from Peru allowing each one of our customers to get the best quality baby clothing.

Sustainably Made: Their commitment to harm-free and quality organic materials, makes us the best sustainable kids clothing brand.

Florals by Condie

Specializes in creating custom floral designs to fit the style and theme of each individual wedding and event.

Mt Helix Midwives & Massage

We love to pamper the families who are expecting with massage therapy, structural integration, IV supplemental therapy, and Midwifery Clinical Services. Using only the best of ingredients that are 100% organic, 100% safe for you and your baby.

LoveStrong Wellness

It’s not just first time mamas who need help and support. All mamas need a village. Our center aims to provide just that. Providing a variety of services and classes, our goal is to support women and families navigating the wide range of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences. Your support team shouldn’t end once baby arrives.


Welcome to HoneyBug, where we are dedicated to celebrating all the special moments, holidays, and milestones in a child’s life. From their Baby Shower to losing their first tooth, we believe that every moment is worth celebrating and making memories that will last a lifetime. We understand that each child is unique and special, which is why we carry products that will great the perfect gift for a variety of ages, interests, and occasions. From a baby’s first birthday to a preschool graduation, we have something for every milestone and celebration. So from our stunning gift wrapping to our signature glitter wand, let us tend to every detail (and sparkle) and make every moment of the unboxing experience magical.

Rosanna Photography

Rosanna Photography is a professional San Diego photographer that specializes in maternity photography, newborn photography, baby photography, family photographysenior portraits, and event photography throughout San Diego and the surrounding areas.


Ultimate Baby Moon Experience
Grand Prize 

Mellow Mama Massage + Craniosacral Treatment + $20 Gift Card for Products to Four Moons Spa ($435 Value)

Four Moons Spa offers traditional spa treatments, transformational healing experiences, naturopathic medicine, a thoughtfully curated boutique + apothecary and an array of programming, classes + workshops. Located on stunning private grounds in the heart of Encinitas, CA, globally inspired, natural design elements ignite familiarity of once traveled destinations. 

Brow,& Lip Wax + Vitamin C Treatment Brazilia Pacific Beach ($100 Value)

Brazilia keeps men and women beauty-ready year-round, providing them with just about every day-spa service imaginable.



(1) Loloma Fiji Organic Virgin Coconut Oil ($32 Value)

Loloma is a pure organic virgin coconut oil (from Fiji).  It has many uses including for baby as a natural moisturizer, for cradle cap, eczema, baby massage and more. Mom can also use Loloma for her daily beauty routines as a hair smoother, hair and body moisturizer, put into bath water for luxurious soak as well and more.

(1) Four Pack of Improv Booze Free Cocktails

Moms rejoice! Meet !MPROV Booze-Free Cocktails, the non-alcoholic canned cocktail for your 9-month journey and beyond. Our full-flavored cocktails are designed to offer you an experience as close as possible to the traditional cocktails that you love. 


A 90-min Initial Evaluation with Holistic Healing Physical Therapy & Wellness ($225 Value)

Sweet Sleep Starter Bundle from Sugar Night Night (Value $325⁠)

Includes a 30-Minute Online Video Sleep Consultation with Jen Varela • SLEEP Solutions “Jen on Demand” Monthly Membership – 1-Month Access SLEEP Solutions “Jen on Demand” Membership INCLUDES: o Loved to Sleep E-Book by Jen Varela & Andrea Strang o Gentle Sleep Solutions & Sleep Basic Workshop o Sugar Night Nights’ Online Sleep Log o Your Personal Questions Answered Weekly o Access to Sugar Night Night Sleep Library – Education Videos & Guides

(2) Pairs of pediped® Footwear ($50 Value Each)

The New Spring 2023 Collection has sprung at pediped® Footwear! We can’t count the times parents have told us how much their children love pediped® shoes and even refuse to wear other footwear. Code SDMOMS good for 20% off orders on, valid through 6/30/2023 and not combinable with other offers.

TWELVElittle Carry Love Tote in Leopard Print ($149 Value) 

Spacious and durable for daily wear, our Carry Love Tote is not only the perfect diaper bag, but also a great everyday tote for moms. Made with soft, quilted polyester/nylon, the bag is now updated with more interior pockets for maximum organization of all your baby and mommy items, making everyday parenting activities that much easier to get around to.

TWELVElittle On-The-Go Stroller Caddy in Stripe Print ($119 Value)

The On-The-Go Diaper Stroller Bag is the perfect hybrid between a traditional stroller caddy and a messenger style diaper bag. It comes with a set of stroller clips so you can attach it on the stroller bar, and also has a detachable long strap to be carried as a diaper bag. The interior has multiple functions, including a separate area for baby wipes, which is accessible from the outside via a hidden magnetic flap cover, and a compartment divider that can be used to customize the interior space.

GoSili Gift Basket ($50 Value)

GoSili designs and manufactures silicone tableware products for the whole family.  The excessive use and waste of disposable paper and plastic inspired the GoSili founders to create a modern line incorporating all the practical benefits that silicone has to offer. 

Free Pelvic Floor Evaluation at Restore Pelvic Therapy ($200 Value)

Restore Pelvic Therapy is a physical therapy clinic specialized in treating the pelvic floor. This means that we treat everything from urinary leakage or urgency, people that are pregnant and postpartum, constipation, and even pain with intimacy.

The Ultrasound Experience 4 D Baby Peek ($105 Value)

The Ultrasound Experience is located in San Marcos, CA., with over 29 years experience we offer the finest 3D/4D/HD prenatal ultrasounds.

Best Start Birth Center Children Education Classes with Trish / Heather ($375 Value)

California’s Premier State Licensed And Nationally Accredited Birth Center, since 1989! Best Start Birth Center exists in order to improve the health and well being of mothers, babies, and their families. The center is organized to give women high-quality choices, satisfying experiences, and healthy outcomes.

Free Gear Super Clean with Destination Baby Co. ($70 Value)

Destination Baby Co. provides a variety of services to make life as a new mom easier. We offer three types of services: gear cleaning, gear rentals and nanny/mother’s helpers.

pediatrician with childChildren’s Primary Care Medical Group Gift Basket

A gift basket handcrafted for new moms!

New York Life Gift Basket ($100 Value)

A gift basket handcrafted for new moms!

The Solly Wrap by Solly Baby ($69 Value)

Less crying, more hugs. Try the best wrap carrier today. Made from 100% Lenzing Modal. The Solly Wrap is made for ultimate comfort and extended wear. No Bulk. No Backaches. 3-5 Day Shipping! Sustainable Fabric. Buttery Soft. Lightweight. Easiest Baby Wrap.

Becoming Peaceful Coaching Session with Lisa Howe ($150 Value)

Becoming Peaceful with Lisa Howe will transform your approach to parentingParenting is a giant self-improvement project in disguise.

dream dinnersDream Dinners Gift Basket ($250 Value)

Dream Dinners is your solution to dinnertime dilemmas. We do do all of the shopping, chopping and prep work so you can make Home Made Meals, Made Easy. Ready to cook entrees the whole family will enjoy.

(2) Organic Baby Blankets by HoneyCakeTiger ($35 Value)

Soft, organic blanket perfect for fun & cozy moments! At Honey Cake Tiger, our goal is to create comfy, organic kids clothing while being attentive to the environment and to all of the people involved in making our garments, always keeping our end-user tykes in mind. (Print may be different)

Free Tourmaline Epsom salt soak and organic fortifying Tourmaline Tea ($55 Value)

Stronghold Jiu Jitsu Gift Basket ($158 Value)

Includes a Stronghold Kids Coloring T-Shirt Kit  + 1-Month Jiu Jitsu Membership

Ask Me Anything 30 Minute Call with Little Wonderland Sleep Solutions ($45 Value)

Little Wonderland Sleep Solutions is aimed to help struggling families take charge of their sleep needs through education, implementation, and strategic and empathetic team work.

Tiny Tot Sensory Sensory Rice Bin and Play-dough kit ($47 Value)

Sensory play! If I could describe anything that is important in a child’s development is that sensory play is absolutely amazing whether your child is special-needs or not this is absolutely important.

Annie Kai Lani Kai Lou: Kauai’s Beloved Pup hardbound book, with a free download card and a bandana ($25 Value)

chiropractor on childOne Free Initial Chiropractic Exam with Awaken Family Chiropractic ($140+ Value)

PLUS half off the exam for any family members

Navigating Parental Leave in Ca Guide from The Park Parental Leave Consulting ($300 Value)

Includes a consulting call and a personalized parental leave timeline. The package is valued at $300. I also attached a marketing image of the guide.

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