The Chaos of 3 Kids Under 4


The chaos of 3 kids under 4 years old is oh so real! Whether you have experienced this with 2 kids under 2, 3 kids under 4, or even 4 kids under 5, you know exactly what I’m talking about here.

three kids under 4

I love my kids more than anything, don’t get me wrong there, but there is this craziness of throwing that third kid in the mix that makes it really difficult to balance it all. My third came as a surprise to us. I was in complete and utter shock by a positive pregnancy test after being barely one year postpartum.

I know there are some mamas out there who have had their kids even closer together and I give you so many props! Right when you feel like you are getting your body back and adjusting to two kids… bam! I think I cried for nearly a week.

I also felt terribly guilty for not telling my husband right away. I felt so bad for even taking a pregnancy test without telling him about it. I knew I was just feeling overwhelmed by my two toddlers and that test was going to be negative. Nope!

So, back to the chaos of 3 kids under 4. I have had to trade in my beloved car for a minivan with 3 carseats and purchase a triple stroller (who knew those even existed?). I have added a few more years of no sleep and diapers. With each kid comes an addition of those few chaotic years. Those few years where they really need you.

I’ve run out of hands to carry them, patience to deal with them and energy to fuel them. I have been pregnant and breastfeeding back to back for nearly six years now and the laundry around here never ends. I also appreciate coffee, wine and Walmart grocery pickup/delivery more than ever before.

But you know what does end? Those chaotic years. I think, anyway. My oldest is 4 going on 5 so I have no idea about that but that is what I keep telling myself. One day they will all be out of diapers, they will all be out of carseats and I will finally be able to have a real conversation with my husband without being interrupted by tantrums and poop talk. Right?


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