Awesome books for your toddlers


Books can be a parent’s and a kid’s best friends. Thanks to them, you can build a beautiful bond with your kids, a routine or even a tradition. Books can open a window to a world full of imagination and entertainment. 

I started reading books to my older daughter when she was just a couple of months old. Those first books had black and white images so she could see them easily. Since then, we’ve read books every night as part of our nighttime routine, but she enjoys reading them during the day too.

We have a really nice collection of books and we visit our local library often to get new ones. If she really likes one book from the library, I buy it later on to add it to our personal collection. 

If your babies or toddlers love books you should check these ones out!

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The Tiny Farm book is a small board book with beautiful illustrations of farm animals and objects. My toddler loves to describe what she sees on every page.

The Tiny Town book is a different version of the farm book. This one has very detailed pictures of each part of the town like a cupcake store or the library. I think this one is perfect for little girls.

Snuggle the Baby describes a baby’s routine. It has a detachable board baby at the end so kids can swaddle baby and put it to sleep. This is the perfect book for a future big brother or big sister.   




I am sure you have seen these kids magazines. Highlights subscription has different magazines depending on the age. I have had this subscription for more than a year now and my daughter always comes back to them. The Hello magazines are for babies and toddlers between 0 and 2 years old but a 3 year old could enjoy them too. My daughter gets really excited every time we receive a new one.






The Baby Lit book collection is one of my favorites because of their illustrations and educational value.

They are inspired by classic books like Don Quixote, Romeo and Juliet or Sherlock Holmes. My daughters favorite one right now is the Frida Kahlo, it’s very colorful. 

I started the collection with a set of these books that I found last Christmas at Costco. Since then, we’ve added a few more.

100% recommended! 



Which ones are your favorite books to read to your little ones?

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