Celebrate the Good Ones: Tips for Celebrating Dads on Father’s Day


Since becoming a mother, I have noticed that there seems to be a stereotype that all fathers aren’t putting in as much effort as all mothers do. For example, the standard response when a dad changes a diaper seems to be “Oh it’s so nice that he helps.” There are too many dads out there pulling their own weight for people to still respond in this way when they help with the kids.

I know for me, and for many others, my husband and I put in the same amount of effort when it comes to raising our daughter. I’m a stay-at-home mom, but as soon as my husband comes home from work, he switches into daddy mode and takes over for me. And on the weekends, he actually takes over the majority of the baby duties. I never feel as though I need to nag him for his help. I respect my husband so much for what he does and I do my best to make that known. I may be a full-time mom but he is a full-time dad plus a full-time nine to fiver.

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There are also plenty of single dads out there, doing the work of both parents. And yet single moms seem to get the majority of the credit for the sacrifices they make for their children. I mean plenty of places don’t even have changing tables in their men’s restrooms. Why should dads be forced to change their kids on the cold floor while moms reap in all the perks?

Women are pampered and showered with love on Mother’s Day. Dads deserve the same treatment on their special day, so I’ve compiled a  short list of ways to show our partners just how much they are appreciated this Father’s Day.

  1. Schedule a massage for them. Dads get tense too so treat them to this special surprise and allow them some time to just relax.
  2. Set aside some time in the day for them to do one of their favorite activities. Whether it’s going out fishing or staying in and playing video games, they will love getting some time to do something they don’t always have time for anymore.
  3. Visit one of his favorite places as a family. He will get to go to a favorite place and you all get to make new family memories.
  4. Cook him his favorite meal for dinner or go out to eat at his favorite restaurant. He will appreciate the gesture either way.
  5. Shower him with love and praise. Nothing goes further than your words of appreciation. That way they will know without a doubt that their contributions as a parent have not gone unnoticed.


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Dads are parents too and deserve so much more credit than they receive. This, and every, Father’s Day they should be celebrated. Let them have their day. And check out our June events guide for Father’s Day celebration ideas!


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