Having a Third Child Made Me a More Relaxed Mom


I know it might sound crazy, but having a third child made me a more relaxed mom. This doesn’t mean that it is easier having three kids or that there is any less chaos (there is actually more), but there is something about picking your battles that comes full force when child #3 comes along.

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Ignoring the Messes Has Made Me a More Relaxed Mom

Sometimes all it takes is ignoring the messes. Those messes that will always be there and never end. I’ve started to ignore these “little things” to be more relaxed and less anxious. 

I always tell my husband there is a reason we don’t have fancy things in our house.

We don’t light candles because at least 2 of the 3 kids will start throwing their toys at the flame to see who can get the fire out first. The few pictures we have hanging on our falls get knocked over and broken all the time. Our furniture is a disaster. There is pen permanently drawn onto our white leather couch (what was I thinking when I bought a white couch?) and our walls are colored with crayons.

By ignoring the messes, I can enjoy what’s really important. One day we can repaint our walls and enjoy a romantic dinner by candlelight. But for now, in this stage of our lives, it can all wait. 

Giving in to the Whining Has Made Me a More Relaxed Mom

Call me a bad mom, but I give in to the whining. Not every time, but in a time of desperation when I am hanging on by a thread just trying to survive the day, you bet I give in. Sometimes a little bit of screen time and a lollipop is what gets me through the tough times.

Accepting Help Has Made Me a More Relaxed Mom

I have never been more accepting of help until I had a third child. I have never run out of my house quicker than when I get to run to the grocery store solo or get out for a date night. I will take any help I can get and this has made me a more relaxed mom since having a third child. 

They Will Be Fine

My third child has eaten rabbit poop and goes out in public with marker colored all over herself. The overly protective first time mom that I used to be now responds with “they will be fine.” This mentality is what makes me a more relaxed mom. 

Embracing the Chaos

As moms, we should all embrace the chaos. Having a third child has created more chaos in my life than I ever imagined. With three kids whining and crying for three different things all at once, I try to embrace the chaos by not making my brain work so hard.

Having a third child is just what I needed to become a more relaxed mom. 


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