My Husband the Superhero


I grew up with all boys, but was never really interested in superheroes. Somehow I still ended up marrying one. My husband is a superhero with a seemingly endless list of abilities and powers.


Husband Superhero


His superhero powers only multiplied when his role grew from husband to father. 


He has the ability to shield all of his wife’s pregnant hormonal outbursts.

He can hunt out any and all pregnancy cravings.

He carried our family through pre-term labor and made every NICU nurse laugh during our 17 day stay.

He can change a diaper on any surface in five seconds flat.

He is the ultimate swaddler, even Houdini couldn’t escape from his expert abilities.

He can put a baby to sleep while cheering on his favorite sports team.

He can happily function on very little sleep.

His cape is often an Ergo with a sleeping baby inside.

He steps in to take over all duties when I need a moment to find my sanity.

Our babies have now grown into their toddler years and my husband has continued to show off new powers every day.

He has the ability to learn any and all Disney songs.

He can work two jobs while earning his Master’s degree and still come home ready to save the day.

He can sleep in a twin bed all night with a croupy toddler.

He can take on the persona of any and all Disney princesses.

He makes the best chocolate chip pancakes and French toast.

He can comfort a toddler through two rounds of x-rays while her mom is too pregnant to be in the room.

He folds laundry with the best of them.

He makes time to date all three of the girls in his life (that would be me and our two daughters in case you were wondering…).

He never takes a sick day.

He lets me sleep in and makes me breakfast in bed.

Most of all, he makes me a better mom and a better person.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the day-to-day mundane tasks that we don’t see we are living with a superhero.


To my husband, the superhero,

Thank you for all you do on a daily basis for our family. I know that I don’t always acknowledge your superhuman abilities, but to me you will always be a superhero. Thank you for being the very best dad to our daughters.


We’d love to hear about your superhero husband! Please tell us why your husband is a superhero in the comments below!


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