My Birth Stories


Hi! My name is mama, like you (ha!). I am a mama of two. Two C-section babies! One emergency and one scheduled, and these are my birth stories:

Photo: Renata Amazonas

It was 7:30pm on a Saturday, October 18th 2010, and I felt wet. I went to the bathroom to check it and it was clear, light and no odor… Strange, I thought! And then said: “I think my water broke!”

I told my mom and husband, and they both were like: it’s nothing! Maybe you just peed a little bit???? (me: rolling eyes).

I knew I wasn’t peeing, but didn’t want to be the desperate mom-to-be, so I kept quiet (on the outside).

We went to bed, and some contractions happened, but nothing really impressive, so I kept quiet (on the outside).

We woke up around 7am, and I felt the leaking again… Went to the bathroom and came back with the very same info: no odor, clear and light.

My mom: I don’t think your water broke but if you are intrigued, call your doctor! (phew! thanks mom!)

I called my doctor, and here were her words: “Renata, I think your WATER BROKE (thanks doc!), you have to go to the hospital now!” (see, never underestimate a mom! not even moms-to-be!)

To the hospital we went. I had to do some exams to make sure it was amniotic fluid confirming that my water broke. We got the confirmation and it all began…

I really thought it was going to be easy, once my own mom had 3 vaginal labors, no problem! So, I figured, it was going to happen to me as well… Not quite!

I was not dilating at all, and after 6 hours with no changes in diameter, I had to be induced. Can’t really remember all deets, but contractions started to feel way too hard after a while, and I believe it was already nighttime…

I couldn’t get the epidural too fast, because it was going to be risky for bacterial infection. I couldn’t wait too long to have her. Anesthesia can interfere with timing, so I suffered for over 2 hours in contractions with seconds apart.

When my doctor came, she authorized the epidural and I could relax for a bit. I was fully dilated and started pushing… I pushed, pushed, pushed, pushed, until my arms trembled, my head was spinning. It was over 4 hours, and nothing!

We really wanted to make it happen as naturally as possible, but after pushing for so many hours, and my doctor saying she comes and goes, comes and goes… Something is stopping her, and I don’t know what it is exactly.

Things had gone on waaaaay too long with no amniotic fluid and it was time for her to come. Emergency C-section it was…. Part of me was sad and frustrated, and part of me was relieved! I was ready to have my baby, a healthy baby, and if I had to go to a C-section, then it was ok!

A C-section is quick, no less tense or complex, but it is quick! Sophia was born on 10.20.2010 or as we write in Brazil 20.10.2010 (that’s one beautiful date, don’t you think?)

Anyways, it was not what I was expecting, but a C-section saved my baby’s life, and I am forever thankful!

Photo: Renata Amazonas

When I was pregnant with Igor, my son, 6 years later, my doctor and I decided we would schedule a c-section due to what happened with my first time.

The only huge difference is I was so nervous the night before, I could barely sleep…

OK! There is one more: I did hair, nails, waxing and was all ready for it! That was a fun thing to do!

I would do it all over again in order to have my kids safe with me! Natural birth, epidural, c-section, birth stories do not define us as moms, our hearts do! I even say moms don’t even need to go thru any of this, or even thru a pregnancy. Moms are moms regardless! Where there is a mom love, there is a mother right there!

Photo: Renata Amazonas



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